Saturday, July 23, 2011

Landon Brennan is 3 Months

What a fun month we have had big guy! You have done so well adjusting to an on the go lifestyle and are truly such an easy baby. Of course it helps having your Grammy and Aunties around all the time, but I think you'd still feel easy either way. It has been so fun enjoying you around everyone, but i'm sad to say that your Daddy officially missed your whole third month. Luckily you didn't hit any huge milestones, but it's still sad how much he's missing. He gets plenty of pictures daily though and can't wait to see you :)


I'm not sure how much you weigh this month. We have no check-up for you third month, but we will have some stats on you for you four month check up next month. You have worn the same onesie for you first, second, and third month pictures, but i'm pretty sure you won't be fitting in it for the fourth month. You are in six month sleepers, but still fit fine in your three month clothes. You are also still in size two diapers.


I am sad (sort of) to say that we officially stopped breast feeding the week we got to Florida. I kind of knew that the move might be the end of it, and it was for the best. I was really uncomfortable a lot and being on the go more often was going to just make it worse. Plus it gives me the opportunity to focus on Ryder some while everyone else can feed you. You are now on the larger playtex bottles taking five ounces at each feeding. It always seem everyone else has set times on the clock they feed their babies. You have set times during our schedule, but not an exact time on the clock. When you are eating no one can look at you or you break out into a huge grin and it's impossible to get you focused again. Although it's super cute it really can drag on a feeding.

Ryder started on baby cereal at two months. I'm not sure why I haven't started you. You are sleeping great and seem happy so I just don't feel the need. With Ryder I was so excited for every milestone to hit and start new things. I'm trying to keep you my teeny tiny baby for as long as possible and am pushing nothing :)


Oh I love you for your sleep schedule!!! I think you slept through the night over half the nights this month. You slept through the night six nights straight at point even! When you do feed in the night it's only one time and takes all of twenty minutes before we're both passed out. Unfortunately you are having to sleep in my room due to space, but are always in your crib. You are a heavy sleeper so it's not too much of an issue. You never wake up with all my moving around, talking to Daddy late at night on the phone, or the tv being on. You wake up between 7 and 7:30 in the morning. I feed you a bottle and you stay awake for 1-2 hours. You then tend to take a nap that last about 30-60 minutes. It's a nice time to get a quick shower and ready for the day. You are then awake for about two-ish hours and take a longer nap (some days) during the middle of the day. Some days you do it at the same time as your brother and it's amazing! The afternoons you tend to take quick naps, eat on demand, and still get fussier then usual around 5-8. At 8:30 it's like a switch turns off and you pass out for the night. It's makes the fussier time more bearable knowing it'll come to an end and you sleep good :)


You keep coming to life more and more every day. Your smiles are still ridiculous. You seriously smile all day. We barely have to look your direction and your smiling. It honestly melts my heart each and every time. You are really babbling to us, and it's as if you think you are funny the way you laugh back at us. My favorite time for you to show off your personality is when we first wake up in the morning and are laying in bed after your bottle. You are so full of life!

We recently pulled out the Bumbo seat and you are discovering a whole new world. You love to be able to sit up on your own and interact with us. We put the activity mat in front of you and have been putting toys in front of you. You bat your arms around uncontrollably to try to get them.

Your favorite toy is definitley your fists. When you are laying around content you love to put them in your mouth and make loud sucking noises. You still take your paci as well. We moved you from the newborn ones to the 0-6 month ones. I don't think you have it in your mouth as much as Ryder did, but you definitley like it. At night we give it to you for bed, but you tend to spit it out before you actually fall asleep. I'm really glad you don't need it to sleep.

Your Looks:

I am very sad to report that the biggest change this month is your missing mohawk. Most of your longer hair is now gone, and there is just a lot of darker peach fuzz on top. Your hair has lightened up significantly since birth, but is still on the browner side.

The sides and back of our hair has taken on that typical three month baby look. It is very patchy and bald in spots that you have rubbed it off from sleeping on it too much. It makes me crazy, and I wish there was something I could do about it.

Your skin is so amazing now! I just give you a typical bath and rub lotion on you like a normal baby. I truly believe getting you out of Arizona had a lot to do with it. I am so glad to not be fighting that battle anymore.

I really think you have filled out a lot more this month. You're quite the little chunker.

Little Brother/Big Brother:

Ryder loves you so much! He's always looking out for you and telling people to be careful around you. Since we have brought out some toys for you he has started to try to play with you some. I'm very rarely nervous with him around you which I never expected. He still shows zero jealousy towards you which I love. In general he still only really shows attention to you a few minutes a day, but continues to sleep with his baby Landon doll. One night this month you were really upset when I took him upstairs to put him to bed, and he got his "little brother" teddy and gave it to his doll as if to make you feel better. Ryder tells me all the time he can't wait for you to get big so you can play with him. We'll see how he really feels when that happens!

Your third month has been a joy with you baby! I hope you stay my sweet cuddly baby for many months to come :)

We Love You!

P.S. - Big Brother is officially potty trained!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praise the Lord!!!! :)

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