Thursday, June 23, 2011

Landon Brennan is 2 Months Old

(Disclaimer: Life is INSANE right now! I am trying to pack life from over the past two years up to ship to Florida. Is is taking quite the toll of me both emotionally and physically. Physically it feels impossible to actually move all of this stuff and be carrying everything down three flights of stairs. Not to mention I have to do this while the boys are both asleep at the same time. I have to pile everything outside out door, lock it, and then make many trips up and down the flights of stairs. Ryder is an amazing UNpacker. He unpacks boxes much quicker then I can pack them! Emotionally it is crushing me to be giving away, consigning, and throwing away so much of our life. Even though we've always considered this stuff our "baseball home" it is still ours and very hard to part with. Because we are shipping our stuff we are only keeping what we absolutley can't part with due to the cost. My mom gets in Friday night to help me finalize things out here, and Sunday morning the Lutz Family will officially be moved out of the state of Arizona... Praise the Lord!!!! I may be missing from the blog while we adjust, but will be back soon with lots of updates. For everyone asking, Derrik is doing great. He's pitched in two games and feels amazing!! Now he just said he needs to feel comfortable out there again. He needs to get his head back in the game after not playing baseball for 25 months. This could be the hardest part of the rehab process... becoming a baseball player again. Hoping this comes to him natually soon :) Sorry if Landon's two month post and pictures aren't up to par. I wanted to get it written down before we went to Florida and his whole schedule changes. I want to remember his second month before I forget because he keeps changing so quick! Thank you so much to everyone for checking in on us recently... we truly appreciate all the phone calls, texts, and e-mails.)

Landon Brennan - 2 Months


12 pounds 12 ounces
23 inches
75th percentile for both

Your brother was 13 pounds 8 ounces and 23 1/2 inches long at this age.

You had your first shots at your two month check up and cried for a few seconds. You stopped before the nurse could get your band-aids on. We gave you Tylonel just in case, but you didn't seem affected by your shots at all.

Dr. Cwik gave you a clean bill of health :)

Diapers: You went through two small packs of size 1 diapers before you quickly jumped to the size 2 diapers. You pee through diapers like crazy! We have to switch jammies almost every night, and if I don't change you about every hour during the day you will get your clothes wet. It kind of makes me crazy! We also have lots of blow outs... thanks for that.

Clothes: ALL 3 months. Mommy only bought you clothes through 3 months because I had a feeling we'd be moving around this time. Your 3 month clothes fit great so please don't grow anymore because we have NO 6 month clothes to grow into yet! Ryder's 6 month winter clothes won't be working since it was winter Cape Cod when he was that size.
Sleep: I need some please! This isn't really your fault. Last week you slept 7 hours, 6 hours, and 9 hours three consecutive nights (thanks for the six hours last night after I typed this, but your brother was up crying so lets try to do it again). Those nights your daddy was sick and your brother was having growing pains in his legs. I didn't get to enjoy them so lets try again :) Ever since Daddy left you've been up at 12:30, 3:30, and 5. Getting up at night doesn't really bother me, it's getting up at 6 with Ryder to start the day that does. When you do get up at night to eat you always are back down sleeping within about 15-20 minutes. After your five o'clock feed you wake again at 7. When I feed you at this 7 o'clock feed you are so full of smiles. I'll glance down to see why you aren't eating and you'll just be smiling away at me. You can't contain yourself... you are literally just bursting with smiles. I love it and take a picture of it every morning I think. You tend to fall asleep around 8:30-9:00 and take your longest nap of the day until about 11. You lay down again around 12:30 and nap about 2ish hours then as well. Once you wake up from this nap you only take a few cat naps 20ish minutes at a time until bed time. I lay you down anywhere between 8 and 9 depending on how demanding Ryder is of my time that night and how easy you are willing to go to sleep. The only time you ever fight going down is at bed time. I just keep popping you your pacifier and eventually you doze off. We got rid of the swaddle right after your first month. I need to get you off the sleep positioner, but it keeps you on your side which I like. I am terrified of your head getting flat like your brothers.

Eating: We are still going strong with the breastfeeding. You only take bottles when we are out in public, and only have formula if we are out longer then expected. We've used about a 1/4 of a can of formula I think. You don't care if you are getting the breast, the bottle, breast milk, or formula... if you're hungry you eat. I tend to feed you on demand. Mainly just whenever you wake up from your naps, but the afternoons you do shorter feeds more often. I'm thinking you will get more scheduled in Florida when we aren't just sitting at home all the time, and I can't just feed you whenever I want. I am curious to see if we stick with the breastfeeding in Florida. We tend to be more on the go when we are with Grammy and you aunties. I don't know if it'll become more of a pain then a convenience. We'll see :)

Personality: You light up when someone talks to you. You love to show off your smiles and stare at us. I love how quicky you curl up into me and flash me that smile when you are upset and not getting the attention you want. I can not wait to share that smile with everyone when we get to Florida!

Little Brother/Big Brother: I am loving the bond that is forming between you two. Ryder still shows no jealousy towards you. If you are upset and i'm trying to finish something he tends to take things into his own hands. He will cover you with blankets, give you a paci, restart your mobile on your swing, and try talking to you. If he is in bed at night and you are crying he will call me into his room and ask for his Landon (the baby doll). I think he is upset he can't comfort you and this makes him feel like he's taking care of you.

We had our first accident this week. You were laying in the middle of our bed and were upset. Ryder was giving you your paci and it wasn't calming you down. Just as I was turning to come get you I heard a thud. Your brother was trying to pick you up and pulled you off the bed. He was SO upset he hurt you. Luckily we just have a mattress and a box spring so it was only about a 12 inches off the floor. I know to be more careful now, but Ryder had never made any attempt to ever move you. I'm pretty sure after that he never will again. We all recovered and all learned a lesson.

Your Skin: UGHHHHH It's awful :( You are a very dry and flaky baby. You have awful dandruff as well. After conulting with the doctor we have found a good regimen to keep you some what moisturized. At bath time we rub you down head to toe (minus your face) in baby oil. I let it soak while I use a soft brush to loosen up your dandruff. After we let it sit for about ten minutes I wash you with Aveeno baby wash and your hair with Head and Shoulders. After bath we coat your whole body in Aquaphor. You are a greasy mess from it afterwards, but it really helps! I think this process continuously is starting to help because it is starting to get gradually better.

Your Hair: You didn't lose it big boy! The top thinned out, but you got grew in short short and kept a little bit of the longer stuff which stays in the cutest mohawk all the time. Around the back you never lost it, but are starting to show a wear long along the back of you head shown below. I just started noticing it this week so we'll see if it gets worse.

Landon -

We love you so much! Thank you so much for being such an easy, sweet, happy baby. Sorry you never get a full feeding without interruption, that you have to be startled from naps by you big brother. A big thank you for always dozing back off and not letting it upset you. Thank you for making my heart grow twice as big. I love you and absolutley can not wait to get to Florida in three days to show you off! I've loved having you all to myself, but I think it's time to share :) I hope you are ready for your 1st move. At least you made it two months before a move unlike your brother who only made it a week. We love you tons!!!

And some random snap shots:

Loves his tummy time

He cries like he is dying when you change his diaper!

I think he would appreciate a wipe warmer

This was Ryder being a great big brother giving Landon his paci.

About a minute later was when we had our accident :(

I just love this picture for some reason...

Flashing me a smile while big brother was on the slides at Pump It Up

Chillin' in your diaper one morning after you peed through yet another set of jammies

Our Good Luck pictures to Daddy the night of his first game

And a really quick recap on this sweetie....

He is missing his Daddy.

We Skype with him just about every day.

He knows Daddy is bye-bye working, and asked Daddy every day "How's work?" It's too cute

He is VERY excited to get to Grammy and Mack's to go swimming in their pool.

He has been such a trooper with me turning out house upside down.

Whoever said cartoons are bad is crazy... he is becoming SO smart from UmiZoomi, Bubble Guppies, and the Backyardigans. He's finally counting, doing colors, shapes, and is constantly showing off what he knows.

He is an AMAZING big brother!

He's still very a very stubborn, bull headed, terrible-two year old, BUT we love him!

AND.... he is still NOT potty trained... simply because he LIKES his diapers... I give up!

I can't believe I just wasted an hour of my packing time typing this up!! Just had to get it written down because I know they change so quick during moves when everything is new to them. We are so anxious to start this new phase of our life!!! Next time I blog we won't be Arizona residents any more! Thank God!!!!! :)

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Liz said...

Wow, it's already been two months?! Sweet photos and the older Landon gets, the more he is looking like big brother!! :) They are adorable...

Good luck with the move!! :)