Friday, June 17, 2011

And He's Back in the Game!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah you read that right!!! Derrik got a text yesterday afternoon, exactly one week before the second anniversary of his first Tommy John Surgery, saying that he would be heading with a team! As assumed, it was nothing we were expecting. I have said many times he would probably go to Low A Ball Dayton OH, High A Ball Bakersfield CA (this is the equivilent of the Sarasota team he played for... they have just relocted), or AA Ball Zebulon NC. NC is where he left off, and we knew that was a long shot. Anyhow... we always know we are completely thrown off every single time so we should have seen this as an option :) Mack, the pitching coordinator, thought he threw great on Tuesday. After a meeting between the two of them they both agreed he's ready to get the ball rolling. Typically rehab players start off at a lower level then they were working there way back up through the system at a fairly quick (hopefully!) pace. As our luck would have it, all of the teams we had thought he would go with are on an All-Star break this week. Mack wanted to get him out of here ASAP so that only left one option... Billings, Montana. Never mentioned that one huh? Billings, Montana is the High Rookie Ball team. We've always joked about how when Derrik signed with the Reds he got to skip this level. We always get the "You guys never went to Billings?! It's so gorgeous there!" So I am kind of jealous that Derrik gets to go check it out. This teams always starts up after the draft so the team is flying up there on Saturday morning. Derrik will fly on the team flight up there and (hopefully) make a few appearances. We have no clue how long he will be there. They will literally call him one day and tell him he's moving on the next day. I'll keep you posted!

Please keep us in your prayers. I was proud of myself for being happy before I cried yesterday. When I called my dad to tell him the news he was like "Are you crying?!" He was totally confused. YES this is what we've waited for for two years, BUT it also means Derrik has to go travel on his own while we live at my parents without him for two and a half months. I think that warrants a few tears. Also say a prayer for poor Derrik. He has been so sick the last two days with cold sweats and then so cold he can't stop shaking. It's pretty pitiful :( So hoping I don't get that when i'm on my own with the two boys!!!

So... Derrik leaves on a flight for Billings, Montana tomorrow morning. My mom flies in next Friday to help me finish the apartment off. My mom, the boys, the dog, and I will fly out next Sunday morning to Florida... See ya later Arizona!!!


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*Stace* said...

My bf played in Missoula, Montana for his short season and still talks about how much he loved it up there (6 years later)! I didn't go out since it was such a short season...of course I miss the one great town he's gone to haha.
I found your blog last season through the baseball grapevine and have loved it ever since =) Good luck on this new baseball journey!

Liz said...

What great news!! I'm excited to see where this next chapter takes your family... Good luck!! :)