Monday, June 13, 2011

Proceed With Caution

Kind of the phrase we are living by at the moment. More on that in a moment though....

Nope that isn't Derrik in the umpire gear...

He would be the one PITCHING on the mound in a game!!! WooHoo

Landon is doing A LOT of this lately! Trying hard to get some better photos of it.

I might need to do a full post on him before he's two months because he's a whole new baby since the one month post :)

There is another one :)

Four eyes looking at the lens... Check

Ryder smiling... Check

Landon not crying... Check
In PJs... Fail

Oh well... we'll take it :)

And our baseball update: I am SO sorry for not keeping everyone more updated. I didn't realize how long it had been. Judging by the texts i've been getting i'm clearly not keeping the blog updated with sufficient info :)Derrik pitched in games the last two weeks and has done great. He's been pitching well, had no elbow pain, and his velocity was up to 89 the other day (he's in the low 90s when healthy). His only issue at this point is he is having some shoulder tightness while he is warming up. It's causing him to have to warm up longer to get loose which isn't going to work with him coming out of the bull pen in games without much notice. I asked Derrik if he thinks it's something he can still play with. He said of course that he would just throw before the game some, play catch with outfield guys from the bull pen in between innings, and be loosened up about when he could get called to go into the game. This of course is his opinion, and we are hoping those making the call to get him back with a team will feel the same way.

The game plan... The pitching coordinator who decides where/when Derrik goes will be out here this week. He is watching Derrik pitch in games on Tuesday and Thursday. We have no way of predicting what will come of this, but he SHOULD be ready to get out of here immediately. Baseball is a crazy sport, with crazy decisions, and crazy politics. We have no control over how or when things go down and just have to roll with it when things happen. We refuse to truly plan anything because whenever we think we have a plan for any option that could possibly happen we can be guaranteed something completely different will happen that we didn't even think could ever happen (example: Tommy John surgery #2 last year). We are proceeding with caution. We have to be pro-active with the idea we could be moving this week. I am decluttering our stuff, packing stuff we don't use only a daily basis, making attempts to get our big furniture sold, getting ads up to sell Derrik's car, trying to use up any food we have in the house, and spend as much quality time together that we can. I hate I never have answers for anyone, but seriouly Derrik could come home one day this week with a plane ticket for the next day to head off with a team or we could be here for a while... I promise as soon as we get info on what is going on i'll post :)

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~Rachel said...

Oh yuck! Isn't that unknowing the worst?!! Glad he is pitching well and feeling well! Hope you get a few days notice though!!