Wednesday, June 15, 2011

One of a few reason we will miss AZ

The list of reasons we will miss Arizona is pretty short and sweet. I have to say #1 on the list though will be missing some of our best friends we have made out here. Luckily we will have spring traing to bring us back to them every year (if they don't move as well).

The boys waiting for their friends to get to our house this morning

The big kids were being too quiet for their own good....

Found them in bed together lol
The Little Cutie Pies
Logen and Landon

And we made an attempt at a picture of the four of them

How cute are they?

I told them to kiss their little brothers.

Immediately after this Ryder proceeding to reach his hand out to grab Page and kiss her... my camera of course messed up and missed it.

Enjoying their reward of Pez candy for taking pictures


I have loved watching you grow up sweetie! I couldn't have asked for a sweeter girl to be Ryder's best friend!!! We will miss you!!!


Thanks for always being there for me on my good days and bad ones out here :) I would have been lost without you and still plan on texting you each and every day!!! I'm going to miss you sooo much!!!

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Tricia said...

Crying while writing... I have not let myself even think about you guys leaving until this week and I think Steve is sick of listening to me already. You have been my lifesaver these last two years! I am so glad that I found you and that we were able to be the best of friends while you were here. We always knew this day was coming. :( I have absolutely loved watching Ryder grow up and bond with Page (she had the BEST first boyfriend EVER) and loved being pregnant together and watching Landon grow! We are going to miss you more than words can describe - we'll still be here - at least for a little while... I wish the best for Derrik and his baseball career and for you and your wonderful family. I plan to soak in as much Lutz time as we can before you get that ticket. We love you all and will miss you SO much!!!!