Monday, June 13, 2011

Sun Splash

With the idea of our family being separated in the near future for a couple months we've been trying to spend some quality time together. Derrik and I have been talking about taking Ryder to a water park since probably January. Of course it never happened, now we have a newborn, and soon we won't be together. On Friday we decided to wing it. We ignored the forty minute drive, the high temps, and the fact that we have a newborn and just went with it. I was so glad we did! We had such a great time. With the shaded areas and mister it wasn't hot at all so Landon was fine, and Ryder was in heaven. We took Landon into the Lazy River, and it was a huge fail. I got the worst Mom in the world award when I had the screaming tiny baby in the cold water. In the end it made him nice and cool, and we recovered quickly :)Ryder didn't shy away from anything and had the best time! The big huge water slides were his favorite. We took turns holding Landon relaxing in a lawn chair at the end of the slide and going down with Ryder. Great family time :)

Daddy and his boys

Our attempt at a family picture.... we need some serious help!

Landon sporting a swim suit for the first time

Relaxing on Mommy while Daddy and Ryder were on the water slides

The boys after they got off the water slide

"Did the boys ditch us again Mom?"

Enjoying some Daddy and Ryder time in the lazy river

Some video of Ryder in he kiddie section

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