Thursday, May 10, 2012

April on the iPhone

My lack on blogging the last month has led to one great big iPhone update post!!!
Get ready for random at its finest....

This is how the boys like to ride in the stroller now a days. It is so cute watching them cuddle and laugh in there. Ryder was all hot in sweaty making his cranky face in this picture.

My friend Natalie was in town visiting, and we let her little girl Finley try out riding with Landon.
Landon got such a kick out of it :)
Monster Jam
This is what my coffee table looks like most days... actually every day!
This is Landon's pissed off face when I tell him no after he throws food on the floor...
It's so hard not to laugh!

He loved this singing Donald Duck Nini sent him for Easter
Passing time pushing his Bubby in a Publix shopping cart while waiting for Daddy to finish his hair cut
Loveeeee sleeping baby pictures

A cute picture Miss Megan snapped of Landon at the Little Dipper Pool one day
Cuddle time in Ryder's bed

I watched as Ryder threw a bunch of toys in the hallway and closed his door so Landon would leave him alone and not cry.... too funny those two!

This dude crashes hard for nap
He does too.... sometimes :)
Happy Birthday to Grammy!!
Heading off for a day at Monster Jam Summer Tour with Daddy

I mentioned I love sleeping babies right?

A new favorite :)
Serious damage with those new teeth... we have a teething guard on this now... such a butt head!
Our new room decoration :)

Motorcycle arcade game every time we go to Cici's Pizza with Daddy
We LOVEEE the free Publix cookies at the bakery
I've never had a video monitor and loved watching Landon sleeping in Dyson's crib one day when we were hanging out

The birthday boy and his brother going grocery shopping the day of his big party :)
On the way home from the party with his birthday balloon
Later that night it was time to celebrate Daddy's birthday!!
Enjoying Landon's birthday present from Mommy and Daddy

Birthday morning!!
Brother picture on Landon's birthday... poor Ryder was sick :(
The birthday boy at 11:29 AM... exactly when he was born...
He was born at 8:29, but it was in Arizona which was 11:29 while in Eastern time... do we celebrate it at 8:29 or 11:29? Not really sure....

Birthday cupcakes at Grammy's house

Landon is SOOO BIG
Enjoying their new t.v.'s from Grammy and Mack

My sick boys at the doctor. They both left with antibiotics.
Ryder with an ear infection and Landon with a sinus infection.
I feel like we are ALWAYS sick!
We have found him sleeping with a leg dangling out like this a couple times. It can not be comfortable!!
A picture on our way out the door to Grammy and Mack's so we could have a date night
As Landon likes to say, UGH OH!
He loves coloring these days and is so good at coloring in the lines :)

Grammy stops by our place a lot of mornings after she drops Hailey off at school since we are on her way home. Lately Ryder BEGS to go home with her.... usually because he can convince them to do something like this :)
Cuddle time :)

I love when he crashes at the mall like this

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