Thursday, May 10, 2012

Disney: Round 2 - Part 3

Whoops! I got ahead of myself and forgot to do our Day 3 update from Disney.

Our third day we spent at the pool in the community we were staying at. We rented a vacation townhouse so we could all stay together. It was so perfect for our group and definitely what we will stick with from now on.

Our little slumber party on the pull out couch on our last morning
Having fun in the pool with Auntie Ally
 Part of our group
 Auntie Hailey enjoying the slide
 The slide in this pool was pretty decent size with about three good turns down it. The kids took no time at all to warm up to it. There was no lifeguard around or anyone for that matter watching over the slide. So, of course, people were doing crazy things on it. The kids were going down in groups, on their bellies, on their backs, and we took the babies down. It was so much fun!!!

 Such a fun weekend!! Truly wore my guys out!! Ryder has asked to go back every day since... I guess we need to plan our next trip :)

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