Monday, May 7, 2012

Family Putt Putt

Last week we decided to go out and have a family day...
We honestly don't do it very often. Derrik is always working and wants to be home when he does have off, or we have something else we have to do. His officiating has ended for the school year, and we have had a little extra time together. It has been so nice!! We decided to take the boys to play putt-putt. I had a feeling Ryder would love it, and of course he did. He made it all 18 holes and wanted to play again. He did really great and took it pretty seriously the whole time. Him and Derrik even got along while Derrik was giving him some pointers :)

The beginning of many golf lessons to come from Daddy

He was so proud of himself for being brave and going into the cave :)

Celebrating a great shot!
Daddy's still a great golfer even while wearing a baby

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Connor & Mama said...

I love the family photo of you 4 and the one with Landon hanging while Derrik golfed! Too funny! :)