Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Disney: Round 2 - Part 2

After a great nights sleep where we all slept through the night (WooHoo! Quite the accomplishment with two three year olds and two one year olds) we were all ready to conquer the Magic Kingdom!!

Good Morning!!

Soso came up to say good morning to Baby Landon
 It makes my heart happy how much these two love each other :)
All clean and ready for the park.. only to go get all germy!
Our day at the Magic Kingdom started off a little rocky. When it comes to sunscreen with Ryder it's always a lose-lose situation. Apply it and he doesn't get sunburned, but apply it an he winds up with it in his eyes, rashy, and a big uncomfortable mess. Of course we applied it because we were going to be in the sun all day, but it got in his eyes. I am always so careful, but it always irritates his skin which makes him rub his face which, of course, gets it in his eyes. Needless to say he was a big mess!! Luckily after we rinsed his eyes out and got his mind off of it our day turned out fabulous! We got on almost every ride, AND the kids got to do Splash Mountain for the first time. They absolutley loved it and kept their hands up on the way down the big hill!! It's so much fun watching them experience it all together.
Of course my favorite part is the parade. I love watching the excitement in their face as their favorite character comes dancing past us. They wave so hard to their favorites with so much enthusiasm. They always turn back to us jumping up and down with excitement that each character waved at them.
Here they are watching the parade round the corner coming our way.

To make a perfect day even more perfect Woody came up to say hi to them during the parade!
And the two that always steal the show :)
All ready for Mickey Philharmagic....
Side Note: In this show it was dark, and I decided to sneak a diaper change in without a long trip to the bathroom.
These two are all ready too!
I insisted on going on the It's a Small World Ride even though no one else wanted to. It's just a favorite of mine for some reason :) While joking with everyone about how lame the ride is I felt something on my leg and quickly realize that Landon was peeing all over me. That quick diaper change earlier was actually a diaper put on inside out. Needless to say instead of absorbing the pee it did the opposite. While still on the ride I gave Landon's lower half a bath with wipes, put on a fresh diaper, and a pair of short Amanda had for Dyson. I however got to wipe my legs off and let my shorts air dry and wear them the rest of the day :) In this picture below we were enjoying the ride just a minute before it all happened.

At about 9pm we were pushing eleven hours at the park. We wanted to wait for the 10pm fireworks, and Ryder told me he was just shutting his eyes to "recharge" for the fireoworks... Not only did he not see fireworks.... he didn't see anything until the next morning. He was pooped out!! 

Such a great day at the park!!!

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