Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Disney: Round 2 - Part 1

Do you know what's great about living in Florida?

Disney World specials! When we went to Disney a couple months back we got the 3 day passes for $99. We only used two days which meant we needed to plan a trip back before our passes expired at the end of the month. We headed back up with Grammy, our Aunties, Miss Amanda, Gigi (Sophia and Dyson's grandma), and the kids. We rented a house this time to stay at, and the kids were so excited about having a slumber party together. We left Friday after school, checked into our house, and then headed to Downtown Disney for the night.

WooHoo!! Disney World!!
 Heading into the downtown area with his girl :)
 We ate dinner at T-Rex. Ryder was so excited to go back to this restaurant, but is seriously trying to get off of me and run away in this picture. He is SO terrified of this dinosaur! T-Rex is similar to the Rain Forest Cafe in the fact that all the animals move and there are effect every 15 minutes or so that similate a storm coming through with flashing lights and animal noises. Pretty intense for the little guys :)

Best Friends
Thanks Gigi for the Woody hat!

We stumbled upon a little dance party. Ryder had a blast dancing to some fun party songs and of course some LMFAO! Gigi even rocked the hula hoop for a little while.
 Landon was dancing from the stroller and eventually got out to dance a little too
 Being silly in a store
Pooped out... he was so excited on the trip up he couldn't nap.
 Getting some rest before our big day the next day!!

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The Yarbrough's said...

oh my gosh...I can't wait to go back to Disney World. I went when I was 5. I know it's changed sooo much. Ya'll are lucky you can go for that cheap! :)