Monday, May 25, 2009

9 Months!

Our little man is growing up so fast lately I don't even have to ramble on to make the post have substance... i'll just get right into it!

  • About my 8 month update when I said we had a TON of hair... well we did! Daddy loved it, but mommy pulled rank over him and said as long as I am the one stuck with him 99% of the time I get to decide what his hair looks like. We took him to Sports Clips and he sat right on Daddy's lap for his 1st hair cut. I felt as if this milestone deserved a full post of it's own, but I was so busy distracting Ryder with toys so the nice lady could cut his hair that we didn't get any pictures. Here is one from when we got home after our bath to get all the yucky hair off of him.

No more yucky mullet hair

  • For some reason the past few weeks Ryder likes to suck in his lips like an old man! He does this ALL the time, and I feel like one of these times his lips are just going to be gone!

  • Ryder climbs EVERYTHING and gets into EVERYTHING! He literally needs a padded room with only baby-proof toys in it for me to feel like he is safe. Unfortunately living in a semi-furnished small apartment with another couple and four animals we have a serious lack of "baby space". Our furniture is all cheap, light, and wobbly so the idea that he is learning to pull himself up is completely stressing me out! I do the best I can and am constantly moving things out of his way to make sure he's staying out of trouble. I feel a serious disaster in the making these next few weeks!

  • We have officially had to move the infant part of the pack-n-play out and lower Ryder down. I was trying not to do this because it's so much easier to lift him in and out when it's up high, but Ryder proved to me this afternoon that is is DEFINATELY time when I came to get him from his nap....

  • Ryder still LOVES LOVES LOVES the pool! I've had him in a couple of times since they opened it up. The pool is still cold even though the weather is gorgeous and I have to take him out when he starts to looks blue. If it was up to him I think he'd just stay in forever! He loves to just splash around like a mad man.
  • Ryder all ready for the pool the other day
  • If you clap your hands for Ryder he will clap his too! It's the first thing that we have been able to get him to mimick after us and it's so fun :)
  • Ryder has learned to shake his head no. I'm not completley sure that he gets the concept that he's actually saying "no" but it sure seems that way. He does it a lot when he doesn't want something, but sometimes he also seems to do it just as a way to respond to people when they talk to him. It makes for some pretty funny conversation when he's constantly telling people no!
  • I guess it's time to say that Ryder says Ma-Ma and Da-Da. He has been doing this for about two months now, but for a while it felt like more of a random babble. Now he uses this all the time. The Da-Da is usually more of a high pitched fun voice when he is playing and the Ma-Ma is more of a whiny I want you to hold me voice. Go figure huh?!
  • We are still working on the crawling. The army crawl is still the choice method to get around, but i'm sure we'll be there soon enough!

Our little man is just getting so big! We love him so much and just can't ever get enough of him :)

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