Friday, May 1, 2009

A Walk for a Good Cause

On May 9th Derrik, Ryder, and I will be heading into Raleigh to participate in the Walk to Defeat ALS. I had heard a little bit about the disease before, but in spring training learned that our roommate, Chris Heisey, had actually lost his father to this awful disease a couple years ago. He was a perfectly healthy man who got the disease out of no where. I give Chris so much credit for staying strong day in and day out, and to move forward after something like this.

When Lisa told Brittany and I the whole story on the way to the beach this Spring Training it brought tears to my eyes. Lisa soon found a walk in Raleigh and felt it was a great way to honor Chris's father. We have rounded up quite a few members from the baseball team and have a pretty great group for the walk. We will be walking two miles and hope to raise some money to donate towards a cure!

If you feel like donating to a great cause.... The link is down below!

The Lutz Family

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