Saturday, May 9, 2009

Our Walk for ALS

Today we did our walk for ALS in honor of Chris's father. It was a great event, and I think everyone had a great time out there. We did a two mile walk, and I believe raised just over $700 towards finding a cure! Enjoy some pictures from our day...

Team Mudcats!

The Mudcats Women... They're lucky to have us :)

The Heisey's with Homer

The Cozart's with Champ and Sport

The "Soon-To-Be" Henry's .... 9/26/09
T-Wood with Abby.... Not sure why I have no pictures of Brit :(
The Littliest Mudcat
Kroski, The Daddy, and T-Wood Headed out on our walk....
Hey Da-Da do you have the same number as me?!
Ryder takin a ride on the Cozart's horse Sport
Ryder after the walk... we were tired and he wanted to try to climb the walls!

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