Monday, May 25, 2009

A Visit From Natalie and Finley

Ryder and I got a visit this weekend from an old high school friend of mine, Natalie, and her daughter Finley. It was really nice getting to catch up, talk about old times, and most important... get the kids together! Finley and Ryder share the same birthday and are exactly two years apart. I wasn't sure how interested they would be in each other with a two year age difference, but they really loved each other! We did lots and lots of shopping and the kids were great for it! Enjoy some pictures from the weekend...

On a ride at the mall
Watching Sesame Street in the car
Ryder, Natalie, and Finley enjoying the pool
Bath Time!
The Little Man and Mommy
Nat and Fin
Finley was crying and whenever she did all weekend Ryder started crying... He's quite the emotional one when other babies cry!
Finley playing while Ryder napped and we played on the computer.... can you tell there was no supervision... poor Chloe!
Finley 1st pig tails courtesy of ME :)

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The Stevens Family said...

Took me a few minutes to realize Chloe was in the cage...poor thing! Loved reading about Ryder's milestones as of 9 months. He is growing into quite the young man! Too cute!