Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Relaxing Mother's Day Afternooon....

Mommy realizes she's not quite what she use to be on the playset
Getting shown up!
Grandpa enjoying time with his Chunky-Monkey
Get'em Molly
(Hailey's arm is fine... she was helping Daddy stain the patio set this afternoon)
Happy grandparents with their grand-baby
Love You Girls!
Happy Mother's Day!!!
Ally with Molly
My childhood dog Jake... I miss him tons!
Ryder enjoying the fresh cut grass
Play time with Auntie Ally
Lovin' my little man on my 1st Mother's Day
All squeaky clean after a long day
Ryder realizes he can do more then just look at his mobile now! Grandpa lowered his crib before bedtime tonight.... I wish he'd stop growing!

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The Smith's said...

Happy Mother's Day! That is so awesome that you got to spend it with your family! Enjoy!