Monday, May 4, 2009

And we're batting a thousand!

Yes! Derrik had his first at bat this season, and he got a hit!!! He made it all the way to third base before the inning was over! I've never even seen him up to bat before and was so excited. Even more exciting to me though was the fact that it was a tie game in extra innings and he made it through two with no runs :)
Derrik getting his 1st professional hit!
(double click to see it better)
Derrik on 3rd base

While Derrik was warming up in the bull pen Lindsay noticed something on Ryder's back. Yup.. We had an explosion that was seeping through the back of his outfit. I didn't want to miss Derrik pitch so I was just going to hold him through it and deal afterward. Lindsay insisted on taking him to change him. Ryder came back a happy clean baby in his pj's!

Thanks Lindsay!

We attempted to get some family photos, but Ryder wasn't cooperating... you'll have to live with these until we can get him to work with us!

Such a happy boy!

The peace and quiet I strive to achieve every afternoon :)

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Aunt Gina said...

You hitting machine!!! I think they should use Derrik as a pinch hitter on days he's not available to pitch:)