Thursday, February 25, 2010

Meet Our New Barber

We decided the $10.00 every two weeks for Ryder's haircut was a little absurd when he has such a simple cut. Derrik said he could pull it off so I let him take a shot at it today.... It was a success!

"What are we doing DaDa?"
"Mama this is so fun! Dada is cutting my hair!"
"Ok... this is getting a little boring."
Testing his Daddy's patience
"I am O-V-E-R it!"
Mommy saves the day!
"I love when they bribe me with a lollipop!"
"I threw a fit for the one Mama had in her mouth too and she gave in so Dada could finish my hair cut. I have them SO wrapped around my finger!"
This picture has nothing to do with the haircut, but his feet are just so precious to me :)
Getting all the hair off
"I Love Lollipops!"
"This is how you double-fist lollipops... talented huh?!"
"Want a kiss?! I'm not sticky... promise!"
"I'll even share my lollipop with you!"

Ryder and I are off for a girls weekends to San Diego for the weekend with some of the baseball wives!
And Daddy... well we're sure he'll be golfing with the baseball husbands...
We'll be back in a few days with lots of pictures :)

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