Saturday, July 31, 2010

Friday Night Date With My Boys

Ryder and I had to get out of the apartment last night. We only have one car out here for the time being so Ryder and I are at home a lot with Derrik's rehab at the field six days a week and meetings for his football refereeing two nights a week. I found a place online that has carnival rides for $5 a wrist band. It was nothing too spectacular, but Ryder didn't know the difference. He loved it! There were about four rides he could go on, and he just ran back and forth all night between them all going on them over and over again. I love seeing the big kid come out in him during times like that. We spent just over an hour there and then headed to In-N-Out to get burgers for the first time. Derrik had been, but i'd just never made the time to go. I figured if we are going to live on the west coast for another year we mine as well start trying west coast fast food. It was actually pretty decent.

Here are some pictures of Ryder enjoying the rides....

On the way home Ryder saw me looking at the pictures on the camera and kept saying cheese.... so I snapped a few since it's not too often he's willing to look at the camera and say cheese!


Tricia said...

That place does look fun. Steve said he's been there before (not the kids area) and that we should go. He does suggest we wait until the weather cools down a little bit. But I can't wait. The rides looked fun and I think Page will have SO much fun with Ryder!

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love all of the pictures! Funny you mentioned about the In and Out Burgers. That was the first place we went to after landing in California, well after putting our feet in the Pacific Ocean! we thought the same thing that we were on the west coast and had to try it! Beats Five Guys here on the east coast in my book!