Sunday, July 18, 2010


Wow! It's been a while since i've been able to write that word and it feels good :)

Derrik made it safely back to Arizona after his surgery, had a few days to himself which was probably for the best so his arm could start healing before the crazy man was around, and got all the papers signed for our apartment.

I made it back to Cape Cod, spent a full day getting caught up on work and packing, and then spent our last day on The Cape at the pond with family.

Ryder and I flew out to Arizona on Wednesday. It was very bitter-sweet to leave there. We were so excited to see Derrik, but also very sad to be leaving my family behind. We had a short one hour flight to Newark which flew by, and then a five our flight to Pheonix. Amazingly we had an extra seat and in the third seat was a sweet lady who was crying because she just said good-bye to her two year old grand-daughter! Of course she was thrilled to play with Ryder, kept rubbing his feet, gave him some M&Ms, and was a huge blessing to me. God was really looking after us that day! Ryder played for the first two hours and slept the last three. We were so excited to see Daddy waiting for us at the airport at the other end :)

There was no time to celebrate being back together as our apartment was empty minus the mattress I had delivered the day before. We have spent the last five days unpacking lots of bags, checking out furniture (we now have a bed, kitchen table, two couches, a t.v., and some end tables off craigslist... love that website now), going grocery shopping, stocking up on some necesseties, and trying to get our sleep schedule back on track from the time change and late nights getting situated. I think I can finally say we feel settled, and it feels amazing!!!

I have no clue how we survived the move. Our apartment is on the third floor, we have a toddler who has to constantly be watched over, and Derrik is in an arm brace. Add in the 114* temperature and it lead to complete exhaustion! My body is finally starting to feel a little better.

I have tons of pictures of ryder and so many things to update on how much he's changed. I'm so excited to finally be able to blog about our little man and our family again instead of moves and sugery. I'll have a huge post up on everything Ryder in the next few days!!!


~Rachel said...

Yay for being settled! We used craigslist to furnish our place while we were out there for the year of rehab! What a money saver! We broke even at the end when we sold it all...on craigslist! Woohoo!! Enjoy the family time!

KateB said...

I am so happy to hear that you are settled! We want to see pictures of Ryder..I bet he has gotten so BIG!

Tricia said...

Can't wait to see you now that you're back. Sorry Page was sick today! We definately need to make it happen tomorrow. I can't wait to see your new place and Page can't wait to see you and Ryder!