Saturday, July 24, 2010

Jumping Solo

Ryder and I have been spending a lot of time down at our new pool at the apartment we are renting. He wakes up every morning asking for "water". I think we have him so confused this summer between the beach, the pond, and the pool that he's decided that they all have water and just calls it that. Every single time we go to the pool he impresses me more and more with what he can do. Today he started jumping in on his own. He has been jumping with the assitance of my finger since we've been here and finally gave in today.

Jumping Solo

You'll notice in the first video how I make him put his toes all the way to the edge of the pool. I've spent the last week of my life explaining to him how he needs to be at the edge and how he needs to jump out (and show him with my hand where to aim) so we can avoid him banging his head. We finally master this whole process only for a father with his two kids who were much older then Ryder to come down to swim. I notice them standing about twenty feet from the edge of the pool saying "ready... set...go!" and they run and jump into the pool making a huge splash. Ryder's eyes lit up!!!!! Of course he felt the need to immitate them over and over....

Running and Jumping

Oh well.... I tried to play the safe card, but he is awfully cute with how excited he gets to make his little run to the pool!

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Little BGCG said...

That second video is just too freaking cute!