Thursday, July 8, 2010


Blogging lately feels like a chore. I hate that it's come to that because at times it's something I truly enjoy. It feels like it's more of a baseball update then a blog about our family, but I guess baseball is our life and it becomes hard to separate at times. It's such a great source to keep all our friends and family updated, but I know it's seriously been lacking pictures of Ryder lately! I've been putting it off so I could edit the pictures and truly take the time to describe the amazing time we've been having enjoying summer on The Cape, but it's just not going to happen. With Derrik's surgery tomorrow morning, a trip back to The Cape, packing, flying to Arizona, and moving into a new place they might never make it up. So here ya have it... a smorgasbord of pictures and quick captions of what we've been up to. As soon as we're settled I plan on getting a blog up about our little man and what he's up to these days becuase it's changing so much lately.

Ryder does LOTS of hanging out in the yard in his diaper... I'm always bored so I just snap lots of pictures...
Band Concert in Chatham
Doing the Hokie-Pokie... He loved this!
Acting like a goof ball after to much candy right before bed time
4th of July Parade
See ya later balloon
(his favorite part of the parade was watching balloons fly away) Cheezin' for Grammy while getting ready for the BBQ

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