Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I figured the comments about me not blogging would come soon enough... Those pregnancy updates aren't holding you over? I thought a nice self-portrait of my huge stomach in the bathroom mirror once a week was just what you wanted! I haven't been not blogging on purpose, but just haven't really had anything to blog about. I've been working on some projects in Ryder's room, for the babies in my life, and a project on the computer for some time now. I'll have to get a blog post up with my crafiness (or lack there of) of what I made for Ryder's room and the baby, but the one on the computer will have to wait... I'm really proud of it and need to show it off to some people (my mother) in person before I put it on here. Too much work to just show it on a computer screen. Anyhow... I guess it's pretty bad when my brother writes me a message about not blogging... that's when I know i've REALLY slacked on updating. I have no pictues... searched my iPhone and managed to come up with a few. Nothing too interesting, but he said anything would work.

The lack of blogging... Derrik has been SOOOO busy with basketball and football officiating. He is gone five days a week with baseball and usually six days (seven this past week) with basketball. Ryder and I have been spending a lot of time at home just hanging out while he's working. We did have a fun time at a cookout with our baseball friends on Saturday, but I forgot to take any pictures. It was dark out, and we spent most the night sitting by the fire... great night for us, but not really photo worthy I guess. We'll be back to regular blogging soon... lots of stuff to talk about with the baby coming and Derrik started to get slightly more involved with baseball :)

Until then... some not so interesting iPhone pictures....

Playing hoops at Chuck E Cheese with Daddy
Playing video games (hockey) with Daddy
check out the smile on his face :)
I know his face is cut off, but love that he has his hand on Landon :)
Cuddle time post nap
More cuddle time. He doesn't just jump up after nap like he use to.
We love it!
Sleeping baby... I love sleeping picture of him.
We use to never check on him in fear of him waking up, but.....
latley he tries to pull stuff like this so we check on him a lot more.
He never wakes up and I love seeing him sleep so it's a new habit :)
Ryder and Mommy heading out to meet Daddy for some In-and-Out Burger after a late night of work for Daddy
Goofing off with Daddy at dinner

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