Saturday, February 26, 2011

Chuck E Cheese's

Last night we went to Chuck E Cheese's with the Heisey's and Wood's. Such a great time! Ryder played his little heart out for about two hours. All the guys were sore from playing so much basketball, and Ryder just kept asking for more. About 2,000 tickets or so later Ryder got a Hoop Shot basketball game, and we were all proud owners off some seriously tacky glasses! Such a fun night :)

The Boys
Minus Zander (Travis and Brit's baby boy)... he was sleepy
How cute is he?!?!
The Girls
All of us...
possibly the only group shot we've ever taken over the years!
Ryder still wearing his glasses when we got home.
He wore them out of the house this morning too!
Thanks for a great night guys!

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Connor and Mommy said...

I adore this post! Ryder's face in those glasses is priceless! :) You look wonderful too by the way!