Thursday, February 3, 2011

Baby Landon Update: 27 Weeks

Whoops!! Forgot to post this yesterday. I was waiting until I got out of my pj's, but it was cold here yeseterday which meant I showered and got right back into pj-ish clothes. Never really got around to it so here it is a day late and picture-less.

How Far Along: 27 Weeks - Third Trimester!!!

Size of Baby: About 14 1/2 inches and about two pounds.

Food Size (According to my e-mail from Like the head of a cauliflower

Total Weight Gain: 22 pounds... 3 pounds this we go

Maternity Clothes: Still enjoying my Target purchases. Getting a little nervous about it warming up and needing shorts though since I don't have any, and don't even get me going on bathing suit season!

Gender: It's a BOY! Landon Brennan Lutz

Movement: All the time and painful

Food Cravings: Orange Juice...yum!!!

Labor Signs: Wow.. feel like i just wrote "no comment until third trimester or so".. it's the third trimester. Still hoping I have no labor signs soon!

Sleep: Been so great sleeping right through the night. Although I wake up in the morning feeling like I've been beat up.. my whole body hurts.

How’s Ryder Handling It: Good.. he just found a bag full of old bottles of his and some new paci's for Landon. I was thankful he told me they were for the baby and went about stacking them into bottle caps instead of trying to suck on them.

What is the same/different as the last time: I'm just going to go right into the "symptoms" category on this one...

Symptoms: Pressure, hip pain, and braxton hicks. I am sure I felt this way last time, but don't remember it. I have SOOO much pressure I feel like Landon is going to fall out or my water is going to break. I know it's an exageration, but it is painful. I am just not happy :(

Best Moment This Week: Going to Monster Jam with my boys :)

What I Am Looking Forward To: By this time next week most of our closest baseball friends will be here for Spring Training!


Jen said...

Aw, I feel your pain on the symptoms section. I feel like this little one is beating me up also! He is breech right now though, so I feel a lot more pressure up in my ribs than I do down below. I would say I hope you feel better...but it's only going to get more painful from here on out, lol. :)

KateB said...

in no way does it look like you have gained 22 pds from your pictures! you look beautiful! :) if you ever do have a move back to the Bats, I would love to meet you!