Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Baby Landon Update: Week 30

How Far Along: 30 Weeks

Size of Baby: 15.7 inches long and almost 3 pounds

Food Size (According to my e-mail from Like the head of a cabbage

Total Weight Gain: 26 Pounds

Maternity Clothes: Oh man.. Even Derrik's t-shirts are starting to look like a more fitted tee on this huge belly of mine. I'm having a hard time keeping my belly covered with regular shirts, and have had to dig through the box of my old maternity clothes my mom sent me a few months back for some more options this week. For anyone who sees me out in public... i'm sorry... i'll try to regain some fashion sense as soon as this baby decides to get out of my belly.. until then it's all about just trying to stay covered!

Gender: It's a BOY! Landon Brennan Lutz

Movement: Yes still movign away, but I don't think quite as much as before. He feels like he's getting so low and I feel more pressure then anything these days.

Food Cravings: milk shakes... but I always want these... just givign into it once a week because i'm uncomfortable, pregnant, and just don't care :)

Labor Signs: SOOO much pressure. I wouldn't necessarily classify this as a "labor sign", but he's definitely getting down low. Let hope it's his head down there and not his butt... although judging by the feeling in my ribs his feet are right where they should be!

Sleep: I think I roll from one side to the other a million times a night. I just want to sleep on my belly!

How’s Ryder Handling It: How about some video of Ryder talking about his baby brother? I had to break it up into two videos because my phone will only send a certain length at a time. The noise he is imitating in the video is the sound of the heartbeat in case you're confused.

What is the same/different as the last time:

Same: the hip pain, the tiredness, the ready for it to be over-ness

Different: feeling so much pressure so early. I don't know that I ever really felt that with Ryder. I think it's becuase i'm carrying lower this time I guess.

Symptoms: My hip pain has been awful this week and lots of pressure. Trying to stop complaining, but it's just so easy to do. I can't wait to feel normal again.

Best Moment This Week: My husband had 3 consecutive nights off!!! It has been SOOO nice having him at home with us :)

What I Am Looking Forward To: Our ultrasound next week!!!

Doctors Appointment: We had our 30 week appointment this week. We at this point are meeting the five doctors in the practice so we know them all in case our doctor can't deliver. Our doctor and the one we met this week are nice, listen to your questions, and to the point. I wouldn't mind them delivering Landon, but wouldn't be upset if they didn't make it either. I hate being sexist, but i'm a fan of female doctors. I just think they can relate better to pregnancy, and the three doctors we have left to meet are the female doctors. Hoping I really like them!

My belly measured perfectly for 30 weeks and the heartbeat sounded great. They said all my blood work from my glucose tests came back great as well. They gave us the paperwork for our ultrasound, and we go next Wednesday. Our next appointment is the following Wednesday after that.

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