Monday, December 17, 2012

Field Trip to Country Meadows

Last Friday Ryder's class was invited to Country Meadows to decorate ginger bread cookies and play bingo with some of the people that lived in the retirement home.
This sweet lady was so sweet and patient with Ryder :)

 Landon found his way into another sweet lady's lap for bingo. He sat here with her forever.. he's such a little snuggle bug :)

 Mrs. 9 had completely lost her voice so she opted to feed the baby while the parents helped out during bingo :)
 She used every bit of a voice she had to help the kids sing some Christmas carols
 Ryder and his best buddy Jackson enjoying their gingerbread men and some milk
 Ryder and Mrs. 9
 Ryder and Mrs. Yahner
It truly broke my heart to know that while we were having such an fun joyous time with our class that such a horrific event was taking place in our country. I spent the rest of the day glued to the tv in tears. That could have just as easily been our class, and the thoughts are just too much to handle. It breaks my heart to know that such tiny little children lost their life that day, and makes me cherish the memories I share with my children even more then I do already.

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