Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Weekend of Santa

As if we hadn't already seen the man in the big red suit enough, we had two more visits with him planned for this weekend. Friday night we attended Candy Lane. Candy Lane is essentially Hershey Park, but with lots of Christmas light, music, and no roller coasts. The lights were gorgeous and the adults appreciated them, but the kids were a little bored with it... oh well... we still got to meet Santa!!
 Having fun waiting in line

 Little man and I playing in the arcade
Saturday morning Me-Maw and Poppy had gotten us tickets to breakfast with Santa....
Another picture with Santa Claus... 
It was such a great year to have so many visits because our boys are just smitten with him. They practically jump into his lap :) 

My favorite little people :)
We also had one more encounter with Santa this season.... Last week Ryder and I were sitting on the couch cuddled up watching a Christmas movie. Landon was already in bed, and Derrik was working nights. I heard sirens like crazy!! I was just about to text Derrik and tell him they were freaking me out with how consistent they were for so long when I heard them get really close. I pulled the blinds open to see the lights flashing on my car in the road as if they were coming our way. I went and opened the door and could see coming down the street a fire truck with none other, but Santa himself waving from on top of the truck!!!! I yelled for Ryder to run outside, and we watched as they drove past the house waving and shouting "HO HO HO". Ryder was waving as fast as his little arm could wave and screaming, "HI SANTA!!!!". They circled our block twice so we ran from the front to the back of the house to make sure we saw him as much as we could. They then headed on their way just as fast as they came along. The look on Ryder's face is one I will remember forever. It was such a special moment with them. We then ran back inside since it came on so unexpectedly we were in the cold in our pj's. As soon as we got back inside Ryder said, "Mom, I don't feel good!" and puked everywhere!!! I think the excitement got to him!!! He was fine after that. A moment I'll never forever!

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