Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Lutz Family 2012 Christmas Card

Here is a picture of our offical Christmas card this year :)
 and the back side...
I love to take a day in November to hire a cheap photographer to capture some pictures of our family each year. I treasure our pictures this time each year to compare how much the boys have grown and to use on our Christmas card. Unfortunatley this year, I spent a majority of my November capturing these moments for other families and have none of our own. I considered not doing a Christmas card this year, but once I pulled out our Christmas decorations and went through ours for the past five years I knew I had to do one. I knew a family picture was out of the question due to the time constraint so I went with a Pinterest inspired photo instead. Here is the actual photo....

I'll love this photo for years! And for the record... They weren't naked. Ryder was in his undies, and Landon had a diaper on. Derrik very politely asked me, "Babe, just out of curiosty, why naked?" I explained that they didn't have matching Christmas jammies, and their Christmas shirts just weren't cute enough for the picture. Also, if you visit our house often you'll know that is how they are usually dressed!!
Everyone asked how in the world I got this photo of my boys... Here are some of the out takes!!
Enjoy :)
 I cleaned up the whole house to avoid that "chaos" feel. I turned on Christmas music and explained exactly what was going on to Ryder. Once he was on board with me, I knew Landon would follow in his foot steps. He does anything his big brother does.
Here we are setting up. Landon sat right on the seat and took position for big brother to get his hat ready.

And the out takes...


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