Friday, December 21, 2012

Life Lately....

another update of random pictures of our lives....
Ryder and Jackson playing in the construction room at Let's Pretend for Lilly's birthday party

My plate Ally made for me... she is so good to me :)
 Sweet snuggles with my sweet baby

Ryder's face when he first saw Brutus, our elf on the shelf, the first morning he arrived!
 Look at how happy that face is!! He was sooo excited to see Brutus!

Jackson and Ryder on a day Jackson got to come home from school with us to play
 OMG This picture breaks my heart!! Ryder was having a REALLY rough afternoon this day. Whenever we leave Cocoa's Castle Landon stops at the same wall and says "CHEEEEEEESE!" for a picture, and then Ryder typically will too. This day he was being SOOOO bad I told him I didn't want his picture. He was hysterical that he wanted one. I took this, and we kept walking. Our day never got any better, and I didn't see this picture until later that night after he went to bed when I looked at my phone. It broke my heart to see how sad he looked... I wanted to go back to that moment and take a deep breath and give him a huge hug!!
 Coloring on a rainy Sunday with Uncle Dalton

Gettin' the stink eye through my shades...

My sweet lunch date one Wednesday while our Bubby was staying late at school for lunch with his class mates

Ryder's Christms ornament he made in school... I adore this!!

The boys love the race car shopping carts at Giant!

Chocolate World with Jackson

I'm pretty sure they shouldn't have been hanging out in the huge stuffed animal bins, but they had a blast!

I bribed the boys after some pictures with ice cream...
Just adore these sweet faces!

This was the first time I let Landon have his own cup and spoon all to himself... he did great, and didn't make any mess what-so-ever!

Always trying to make me laugh!

Skyping with Ally and writing Santa letters

They will HATE me for this when they are older! Landon likes to sit on the potty every night before bath. For a while he was scared to get on so Ryder would encourage him and help him sit... what a great big brother huh? (We just sit on it... no pee or poop has actually gone in it)

What my day usually looks like just after nap time

I love my sock snowmen Ally sent me!

Snack time! They are getting so big sitting together :)

Silly boys taking pictures with the Santa hats when Jackson came over to play :)

Ryder had his FIRST official sleep over at Jackson's house!! He had done them with his aunties and uncles, but they didn't really count considering the grandparents are really just babysitting him. This was a true sleepover with his friend. Miss Jen reported that it all went great!!!! I was so proud of him. He never hesitated, and is ready for another one!!

Some birthday love...

My sweetie pie!

He came up to me and said "Cheese Mommy"... who can resist?!

My sick boy sleeping... At 7:30 (at least an hour and a half before his bedtime) he told me he couldn't finish his ice cream and asked if he could lay down :(
That's all for now.... I had to get caught up before the holiday overload of pictures!!!
If I don't get on here, I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!!!

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