Thursday, December 13, 2012


One morning near the end of November we woke up to this.....


Even though it was like an inch worth and the streets were completley clear my husband refused to let me drive to work that day. I might have wrecked our SUV pretty bad the winter we lived in Cape Cod during a snow storm :) So while he drove me in I got a picture of the Hershey Cococa bushes covered in snow in front of the factory.
 I BEGGED my boys to play wait to play in the snow until I got home. Landon had never seen it, and it was the first snow of the season so I really wanted to see Ryder play too. Luckily Ryder agreed pretty quick because he likes to make me happy. After they dropped me off they headed to K-Mart with Daddy to get some snow supplies. We had jackets and plenty of gloves and hats, but had yet to invest in snow boots or pants. You know you are a mom of a four year old when you actually get REALLY excited to see your sons new Batman boots!! I swore my kids would never ever wear that crap cartoons stuff.... Now I look everywhere for it! Landon got some cute "Lightning" (cars) ones as well that I didn't get a picture of.
 Derrik and I dug out our snow clothes as well, and we all headed out together. Even though it was only a little snow, our little hill in the backyard proved to be quite the sledding hill... we made it pretty far going down it.
 Landon wasn't too impressed with the snow at first. He hadn't seen the Cadillac in quite a while and was way more interested in that and threw a fit for it. So I pulled it into the backyard driveway and let him sit in it to watch the boys going sledding.
This is his "i'm really mad at you" face
 These guys were much happier!
 Getting my cranky baby back to his usual happy self :)
 Ryder going for another round down the "hill"
 Landon and I tried it out too
 After our trip down the hill he was ready to check this white stuff out

 My Loves :)

 Snow Angels

 Time to build a snowman

 They sure aren't riding shirtless these days!

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