Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thanksgiving Part 2 - Amish Time!

Friday we knew we wanted to do Amish Country again like we did this summer, but didn't want to be in two different cars. We came up with the idea of renting a fifteen passenger van! Best idea ever!! For some reason my picture taking that day must have been lacking, but we really had such an amazing day making some really great memories with family. We all had such great laughs and can't wait to get reunited again.
Some pictures from the pretzel factory we stopped at

 We drove around a lot just checking out the scenes and were so amazed at how different their way of life is.
We ended back up at our favorite farm from the summer to visit the cows, kitties, pups, and of course eat some of therir to die for ice cream!!

 I specifically told him to "not touch any animals so you don't get a crazy disease"... Clearly that meant nothing!

We had such a great time with everyone!! Thank you so much for making the trip to come visit us!! Love you all... xoxo

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