Thursday, May 27, 2010

Keeping Busy

Is it bad when even my brother calls asking why I haven't blogged? I can't tell you how many comments i've received about my lack of blogging, and i'm not really sure what the excuse is. I guess there is a positive and negative to my lack of blogging. The negative would be I don't find it appropriate to blog about how much I miss my husband, how I haven't seen him in three and a half weeks, and how fustrated I am with the mixed messages the Reds are throwing us on when I could possibly see my husband again. I am missing him terribly and all I want to blog about is how we are together again... which doesn't seem to be happening anytime in the near future.

On a positive note, I guess I also haven't blogged because we've been busy. We've been busy being irresponsible here in The Cape. We have taken on the attitude to seize the moment and have been neglecting house work, eating way to much ice cream, staying up way too late, taking one too many trips to the candy store, eating pizza more then once a week, putting off school projects for trips to the park, and enjoying every second we have together.

The weather here has been amazing! We have been trying to enjoy this summer weather we are blessed with with lots of time outside, walks to the bus stop, playing on the tire swing, laying in the hammock, blowing bubbles outside, and even a trip to the beach last weekend (in bathing suits this time)!

Enjoy some picture of all the fun we have been having...

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Katie said...

I am glad you all have been busy- in a good and FUN way! Hope you get some good news soon!