Wednesday, May 5, 2010

We Made It!

Well we all made it to the Cape. Let me back up as bit since I have a video and picture from before that....

Before we left town we tried to spend some quality time together as a family since we would be spending a decent amount of time apart. We went to Ryder's favorite pizza place, Peter Piper, and played some games. The video is of Ryder and Derrik playing the basketball game. I love watching Derrik try to balance playing the game with his son and still beating the high score. I think he accomplished both pretty well :)

The night that we were packing up to move out of our house and getting stuff ready for us to fly out was s-t-r-e-s-s-f-u-l! It is days like that that I begin to wonder what in the world we are doing this for. I wonder why we constantly move our family around, leave each other for extended periods of times, and get rather cranky over the whole situation that a minor league baseball life involes(I have days I love it too... moving days are always the cranky ones though). The photo below though is the exact reason we do this! One of our great friends Chris Heisey (we lived with them last spring training, in North Carolina, and consider them to be some of our closest friends in this large baseball world)made it to the Big Leagues!!! Ryder and his Da were so excited to see Chris up to bat in his major league debut! It was a HUGE reminder on the perfect day that this crazy dream we are chasing can come true. We are so happy for Chris and hope we can meet him up there one day!!!

Watching Chris up at bat

On Tuesday morning we were up bright and early (although it wasn't bright... it was 3 a.m.) to catch our flight. I am always very nervous about flying with Ryder, especially for these really long cross country flights. Our first flight was four hours. The idea of being trapped in a small place with no where to go for that long with Ryder gives me serious anxiety!!! He was amazing though. He never once even fussed. I got a little nervous though when I had the windows closed, Ryder leaned back, he has his blakey and paci, DVD player on and the flight attendant tells me its a new law that you have to wear headphones!!! I was like SERIOUSLY?! He brought me back the earphones you put into your ears. I look at him like he was nuts. They wouldn't stay in Ryder's ears even if he would let me put them there. I explained to him that people would probably much rather hear the Cars DVD then my son screaming, but in the end the DVD player ended up on silent. Luckily Ryder has seen the DVD so many times it didn't seem to phase him! Our layover went over pretty smooth, and the second flight was only two hours. When we first got on there was a couple next to us with a kid the same age as Ryder. They were quietly reading him a book while feeding him some veggies as I am throwing the DVD player in Ryder's face bribing him with M&M's! On travel days anything goes as far as im concerned!! Ryder slept for almost the whole flight, but woke up as we were landing screaming. I think his ears were bothering him. We survived the five minutes of screaming and got to see Grammy, Auntie Hailey, and Auntie Ally when we got off the plane.

Ryder watching the planes during our layover
The big boy walking with his Auntie Hailey
I know it's blurry, but I love it...
This boy loves his Aunties!

The trip home from Boston went great even though we were stuck in rush hour traffic. The girls were so excited to see him they entertained him the whole way home. Once we got home Ryder ran around for a bit, ate dinner, got a bath, and was quickly off to bed. Before bed though he saw a picture in our hallway of Derrik and was freaking out saying "Da, Da, Da". It was one of the cutest things i've seen him do. Below is a little video of him looking at the picture

Luckily Ryder went to sleep right away and slept great all night. The time change never seems to affect him because the travel days are always so exhausting! I got to leave the baby monitor with Auntie Ally and sneak off for some Chinese food with my parents. It was nice to get to catch up with them. I thought my fortune fit our life right now perfectly!!!
Today was spent getting unpacked, getting Ryder settled, and getting caught up on work since i've slacked the past few days with the move and travel. Ryder was a little stressed this morning with the chaos of my parents house. For anyone that doesn't know what my parents house looks like... it's huge! They have the main part of the house which consists of two floors, the basement which has the office in it, and our apartment which has two floors also. Between my parents, sisters, employees from work, and Ryder's great-grandparents being here for the summer it was a little overwhelming to him. He was very clingy to me and I truly think had no clue what was going on! He seems so confused that the pets were here and Daddy's car, but no Daddy. He's warmed up to everyone throughout the day and will do just fine in no time!

My mom took Ryder out of the house for a little bit this morning while I get a few things in order. Here he is enjoying some Dunkin Donuts on the beach.
Ryder and his Grandpa walking to the bus stop
Throwing rocks in the drain while we wait for his Auntie
This evening we got to go to Auntie Hailey's first softball game. Ryder lasted about a 1/2 an inning before he was standing at the plate by the umpire!!!!! Talk about embarrasing! Between Ally and Hailey's softball schedules they are at the field Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I think we might be missing a few because tonight wore me outs!!!

Ryder watching the kids play
In the batting cage with some softballs
We are so glad to be past the moving/packing/traveling part of our chaos we have going on in our lives right now. We miss our Daddy like crazy already though!!! I'm off to bed... I'm SOOO exhausted!!! Which also means i'm not re-reading this post to check for errors...Sorry!

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