Friday, May 7, 2010

Our Day

Today was a fun day for us in Cape Cod. We started the day off by going to visit Ryder's great-great-grandma, GiGi. She was very excited to see Ryder since it had been just over five months since she had seen him last. While we were there Ryder said her name for the first time. We were all so excited! We love any time we can get Ryder with his Gigi because she is so very special to us.

We had a little bit of a disaster while we were there though. Ryder wanted to play on his Gigi's bed so we suggested Gigi (who is 94 years old) sit on the bed too so we could get a picture of them. She was up by the pillows leaning over when Ryder whipped his head back to bounce off the pillows like he does at home. He ended up smashing the back of his head into her forehead. It was a disaster!!! Ryder was screaming hysterically and my great-grandma was on the bed with her hands over her face in pain. UGH what an awful moment. Ryder was completely fine, and I think was more worked up by how loud I screamed when it happend. Gigi claimed she was fine but is going to have one heck of a bruise on her forehead in the days to come.

Ryder came home and got a good nap before the long afternoon he had ahead of him. We are always wondering to do with our afternoon/evenings when we are by ourselves, but with two aunties around in school our afternoons are anything but boring! Auntie Hailey always gets home from school first. She has been taking advantage of this time to really play with Ryder.

Auntie Hailey and Ryder on the swing set
Silly Auntie Hailey
After Auntie Hailey is home for a short time, we have to go back to the bus stop to get Auntie Ally. Auntie Ally has been so excited to show her nephew off to some friends of her's!
Throwing rocks in the drain waiting for the bus
What is Ryder SO excited for?!?!
The school bus is here!
I can not tell you how refreshing it is in the afternoons to have my sisters around to play with Ryder. Not that I don't love playing with him, but it is so great to watch Ryder get the chance to interact with other people, smile at other people, and be loved on by people I love so much.
Plus... If I had to do this over and over again like they do i'd be exhausted!!!
So excited he got a basket
We spent our evening at the softball field... again... for one of Hailey's games. Like I have said, the girls have a grueling four games a week and both have a practice on top of that. Ryder and I have made it to three games this week, and Ryder progressively got better at each game. After the first inning at the first game disaster I thought it was going to be a longggg month dealing with this, but tonight I didn't have to get up once. He just played in the grass with his toys the whole time. It was so nice!
Ally had gotten home from her practice with three friends before we did, and they were anxiously awaiting Ryder's arrival. We picked up pizza for dinner and while Ryder was eating he was very sure to entertain the girls. I'm not sure if he had them cracking up more or vice versa. I love the way he lights up when he realizes he's the entertainment in the room :)

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My child does the SAME thing with drains/rocks. It's an obsession! Glad to see he's not the only one that finds that fascinating! The drain outside our house will very well overflow with rocks soon.