Saturday, June 19, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

Liz over at Tickled Pink( awarded me with the Beautiful Blogger Award. Liz is someone I just recently found in blog world through the baseball wives blog, and we have so much in common! She lives in Florida, has a little one, and a husband that is a pitcher. They are currently also in rehab... no surgery for them yet and praying it stays that way for them! I'm loving all their updates on how they are managing to survive baseball with a family too :)

This award comes with a few rules.... thank those that gave this award to you and tell seven things about yourself that readers may not already know.
So here you go!

1. I love ice cream! Like REALLY love it!!! I could eat it at every meal if it wouldn't make me gain so much weight.I do eat it almost every night though and should probably stop pronto. My two favorites are Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Mint Chocolate Chip! YUM!!!

2. I have a sick obsession with reality tv... or maybe just tv in general. Some favorites that are on right now are The Bachelorette (Cheering on Chris L. and Roberto), The Hills, The City, Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami. I also love Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, and Flash Forward. I can't wait until the fall when they all come back on!

3. I keep my fridge super neat. I never knew this about myself until my friends made a huge deal out of it last spring training. Everything has it's spot and labels always have to be kept facing forward.

4. I want to be more talented and keep promising myself to do so. I want to learn to sew cute clothes, become a amateur photographer, and learn to make amazing digital scrapbooks for Ryder. I also tell myself I will "soon".... hopefully "soon" isn't when Ryder is graduating high school.

5. I despise deep cleaning a home. I can show a good front by keeping things tidy and in order, but I hate to do a deep clean! (I guess everyone does)Luckily we always have to pay cleaning fees when we move into rental homes, and we always move quick enough before that "deep clean" becomes necessary :)

6. I love Christmas now more for the cold weather, getting my family all into one place, taking Ryder to see Santa, making yummy breakfasts, Christmas carols, baking cookies, cozy nights by the fire with the Christmas tree lit up, and getting Christmas cards from friends and family then the actual presents.

7. I broke my nose in high school racing BMX. Most people find the BMX (bike racing) part interesting. I raced for about ten years and got to travel all over the country with it. It made for an amazing childhood. Anyhow... I had just started my freshman year of high school, and I broke my nose after a crash and had to have surgery to fix it. I had to walk around high school with bandages on my nose which was extremely embarrasing, and it still left a bump on my nose! Talk about traumatizing!!!

Now I get to pass this award on .....

I'm passing the award onto the following Blog Friends:

Rachel over at Family of Eyres

Rachel is also a new special find from the baseball wives blog. I'm considering her a super mom that i'd like to follow in the footsteps of. Not only is she a baseball momma, but she is a baseball momma times three! Plus... we graduated from the same high school and they live in the same town I grew up in! Crazy how blog world has come full circle on me. I'd also love to bump into this baseball Mommy sometime because she sews the cutest clothes for her kids. I'd so love to have her teach me because i've been wanting to pick up this hobby for a long long time!

Sarah over at The Gardella's

I somehow stumbled up Sarah's blog through blog stalking i'm sure. It has been such a great read watching her little man grow up. I am always jealous of the great group of Mommy friends she has. They live in Kentucky so i'm so meeting up with her (wonder if she knows that?! HAHA) when Derrik makes it to AAA so I can have some Mommy friends too :)

Tricia over at The Hustedts

Tricia was my saving grace while living in Arizona. You might have seen some pictures of her sweet little girl Page on our blog a time or two. I found her through a mom website, and we totally hit it off. She runs an in home daycare, and Ryder and I loved visiting them some afternoons. Ryder would play with the kids, and i'd get to hold the babies while getting some adult talk time. Perfect match if you ask me!!! They are expecting a second little one at the end of the year, and I'm so excited to be able to add Baby Hustedt to the list of little ones we get to meet at spring training next year!


~Rachel said...

Thank you girl!! You are so sweet...move back to Ft. Myers please! It could be so much fun in the off season!

I will be doing my part for the award for Monday's post. I am a crazy blog-ahead girl and have the week done. But I moved a couple things Monday it is!!

Tricia said...

Awwww... Danielle, you're going to make me cry! You're so awesome. I thought of you today as we went to the mall to play! I miss you and Ryder SO much!

Sarah said...

Aww I would love love love to meet up with you!! Hurry and move to KY