Friday, June 18, 2010

Doing Summer

We have had such a gorgoues week here in The Cape. Ryder has lived outside. We have been wearing out bathing suits, coating on sunscreen, and going through oddles of swimmer diapers. To say we are enjoying this beautiful weather is an understatement.

Yesterday we finally made it down for a real pond day. We had seen it a few times, but hadn't had much success with weather. My mom and I met up with two moms from Hailey's class with their three little boys. Ryder was finally surrounded by boys! They were a couple years older then him and weren't thrilled over the distruction Ryder could do to their "fish pond" they were making. They kept throwing toys for Ryder to chase after, but Ryder had no clue they were trying to get him and his destructive ways away from their creation. He was in heaven when he thought they were playing with him.
Feeding some of the baby ducks at the pond
First smile while looking at the camera in a long time!
At about 2:15 the moms were rushing to pack their stuff to go pick their girls up from school. They had changed their boys into their dry clothes and turned their backs to get their belongings together. We heard one of the boys screaming from behind an old wooden fence "I found a frog!"

Do you see the size of that thing?!
The boys pants were all soaked, and the frog peed on the little boy!!! Really shows me what i'm in for in the years to come!!!
We went home to find out Grandpa wanted to head to the nursery to pick out some flowers for his yard. We were still in post-pond clothes and it suddenly got cold and rainy requiring a hoodie. Ignore Ryder's mismatched outfit

Helping grandpa with the cart
He said this the whole way home. He absolutley loved pushing this card around
Enjoying the swings
We swing high on the big boy swings these days
Today Hailey's class had a field trip to the public beach. My mom insisted we met them down there to let Ryder play, and I'm so glad we did. As soon as I told Ryder where we were going he just kept saying "beach" over and over. The water was out as far as the eye could see so it left lots of water puddles to splash around in with fiddler crabs, shrimp, crabs, and minnows to catch. Ryder was in heaven being at the beach and playing with a whole class full of kids.
My little man at the beach
We came home and Grandpa was ready to plant his flowers so we hung out in the yard. We indulged in some watermelon, which has been a big favorite of ours lately, and played with Ryder's bike. We bought him a Radio Flyer bike a while back and it's his favorite toy. Problem being he just pushes it everywhere. Maybe next summer he'll actually ride it :)

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