Sunday, June 13, 2010

Daddy's Visit

Derrik was here with us on The Cape this weekend..... and it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Who know that having my husband around with us for a weekend would be such a precious gift. I guess I took it for granted through this rehab process so far.

On Thursday morning I went in to get Ryder up out of bed. I was changing his diaper on the changing table and told him I had a surprise for him. Ryder ripped his paci out of his mouth and shouted, "DA!". I had told Ryder for the few days before that his Daddy was coming to visit, but he never seem to really grasp the concept. I said, "Yeah baby... Da is laying in Mommy's bed". We rushed down the hallway and Ryder tried leaning over to kiss the picture of Derrik he has been kissing since we got here. I once again told him that his Da was in Mommy's bed and went into the bedroom. I was so nervous that his reaction would be bad. I was nervous he wouldn't go to Derrik or would just walk the other direction. I was so wrong! I crawled into bed with Ryder and said "Look Ryder... That's your Daddy!". The largest grin I have ever seen erupted on Ryder's face as he leaned in and hugged his Daddy for as long as I've ever seen him hug! You couldn't wipe the smile off of Ryder's face if you tried. We all laid in bed watching tv together, and Ryder kept sitting up to hug and kiss Derrik. He was one happy boy to have his Da back in his life... even if it was for only a few days!

My boys watching T.V. their first morning together
I have no pictures from that day. It was nasty and raining out. We went and got breakfast, came home for Ryder's nap, we napped (we got home at about 2 a.m. from the airport), we hung out, grabbed some dinner, played, and went to bed. Nothing too exciting, but still exciting because we got to do it all with Derrik :)

Friday morning was gorgeous out! We went and grabbed some donuts at Dunkin Donuts and played down at the beach for a little while.

Enjoying some breakfast on the beach
My Boys!
Sharing some of his donut with his Daddy
Not so sure of this water when his Aunties' aren't playing in it with him
An attempt at a family shoot.... oops
Ryder walking Daddy down to the water
I'm pretty sure they were discussing how cold the water was here
We had a first happen to us while Derrik was visiting.... boy do I feel sooo awful about this one! Ryder got his first sunburn :( My family is constantly making fun of me for how much suntan lotion i'm constantly lathering on him to keep him safe, but it just didn't cross my mind at the beach. We were there for like a half hour and it was pretty chilly out. Ryder also usually has a surf shirt on, but I only packed his one bathing suit for our "short stay" up here because it was still cold when we arrived. Who knew we'd be in bathing suits a couple times a week at this point! When we got home Ryder wanted to go outside so bad with his aunties' and their friends that were over for the night. I didn't know what to do because he could not take anymore sun....
Uncle Ryan's solution to the problem

Uncle Ryan brought his 4-wheeler up for the summer
Ryder got to go on a short ride up and down the drive way
On Saturday we had plans on taking the boat out to see the whales. It was suppose to rain so we decided to just go out on the lake and do some tubing. By the time we go out there it was raining, but we decided to go anyhow.

Ally, Jenny, Tanner, and Sarah

Ryder showing his Da some love while on the boat
I'm one lucky girl to be able to call him my husband :)

Love Him!
Uncle Ryan and Auntie Hailey
Ryder taking over for a little while
On Sunday Ryder, Derrik, and I went to grab some breakfast before we needed to head to the airport. While in the car I pointed to Derrik and asked Ryder who this was. He responded Dad-dy!!! FINALLY!!! Derrik has been Da for so many months now, and Ryder just refused to add anything else onto it! Definitely a great going away gift for Derrik :)

Derrik had an awful trip home. His orginal flight was delayed, then cancelled, then his new flight was delayed which caused him to miss his connection. He had to sleep in the Las Vegas airport! I don't think it was how he envisioned his first trip to Las Vegas that's for sure! He just got home, showered, and has a couple of hours to sleep before he has to report back to the field this afternoon. Now it's back to baseball, back to rehab, and back to waiting for something to happen.... we'll keep you updated!


Katie said...

So glad you all had a great visit! I could not imagine going that long without seeing husband. You are one strong woman!

Liz said...

Hi there! I noticed you were a new follower on my blog... and I see you are married to baseball as well! Thanks for stopping by my blog and hope you enjoy it.

Who is your husband with right now? Rehabbing? We are in the same boat.

Liz @ Tickled Pink

Liz said...

Just left you an award at my blog :)

I agree.. it's so refreshing to hear other stories who share the baseball lifestyle. My hubby plays for the Baltimore Orioles (major league). He is also rehabbing after a minor tear in his elbow. Tommy John was a possibility but it is actually healing on it's own. Thankfully! We hope to rejoin the team in early July.
Looking forward to following your blog!

The Smith's said...

that video is precious! I hope you enjoyed every minute together!