Wednesday, June 2, 2010

iPhone Picture Update

I had a huge collection of pictures from over the weekend off my phone and thought i'd share.

Ryder is OBSESSED with shoes! It's probably one of his best words that he says, and he takes the opportunity to put them on whenever they are around
Sporting Grandpa's dress shoes
He insisted on carrying his big box of cars he begged Grandpa for at the store.
Mommy and Grammy said no so he brought them to Grandpa, held the box up, and said "tease" (please)... so of course he got them! He has Grandpa SOOO wrapped around his finger.
Ryder gets very mad if we don't play his Usher OMG song in the car.
This is him protesting Grandpa's old man music
Then he crashed... so did his Auntie Ally
At my cousin Adam's graduation party Ryder took it upon himself to test the cake out before it was time
Only the coolest Aunties come home from school and make forts with thier nephews

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Meant to be a mom said...

I love that Ryder has to listen to Usher. That is too funny.
It looks like he had a fun action packed weekend. :)