Tuesday, June 22, 2010

One Year Ago

One year ago today Derrik and I were in Cincinnati getting a consult for surgery on his arm.

Today Derrik was sitting in a doctors office getting a consult for surgery on his arm.

Derrik's velocity has been down since he began playing in games for his rehab. The delay in him being placed with a team had a lot to do with this. When he returned back to Arizona from his short trip to visit in Cape Cod his arm hurt really bad. He hasn't thrown since that happened last Monday. He took some medication the Reds prescribed to knock out any inflammation and threw again yesterday from only 45 feet.... still pain.

That led to him getting x-rays today which later revealed a large bone spur in his elbow.

Shock, upset, frustrated, confusion.... It's a wide range of emotions that I feel right now. The idea of another surgery,moving back out to Arizona, and more rehab makes me nauseous.

Derrik will get an MRI tomorrow morning to make sure everything looks great from his Tommy John surgery. There is no reason to think anything is wrong, but they feel like they should take precautionary measures if they are going back into his elbow anyhow. After that we should be getting a date for the surgery.

If it is just a bone spur then it is a scope surgery (minimally invasive). It would be a about a six to eight week rehab with some time after that to get his arm back in pitching condition. It would put us right into the final week or so of the season. There are some options after that in the baseball world (i'm sure all you baseball wives out there can think of all the different options... instructs, fall ball, winter ball, minor league playoffs), but I won't get into them as they are all slightly confusing. I will explain later when we see what options come our way. For now though we have to get his arm fixed. I told Derrik after this i'd prefer to never see the inside of his arm ever again!

I will keep everyone posted as far as travel and surgery dates... I don't think i'll sleep much with all of this going though my mind!


~Rachel said...

Keep the faith girl! Sorry you are going through this. But...TJ rehab isn't easy (from the wife's point of view)
and this will just give him a little more time to get back to normal. 18 months is what we heard for full recovery so this is maybe just what is needed!! Better now than a month from now, right? Thinking of you all!!

Jenn Araujo said...

Keep your head up. This just might be part of the Lord's plan for you two. I'll keep you both in my prayers!! Lots of Love and hang in there!!

Brittany Wood said...

I'm so sorry to hear he may need surgery again, but glad it's only a scope. Call me if you need anything~to scream, cry, I'm not very funny but I can google some jokes or something to make you laugh :) Love and miss you guys!

The Smith's said...

That really sucks! I will be sending you guys positive thoughts!

Meant to be a mom said...

Sorry to hear that your in this position again. Poor Derrick. I feel so bad for him. I hope they are able to get it fixed easily and he will be back in the game quickly.

Nicole said...

Good Luck! I'm sorry that rehab isn't going smoothly, but I hope it all works out the way it's supposed to. I hate when my husband is injured, and right now, he's only been injured for a couple weeks. I can't imagine how you feel with your husband being injured for over a year. Hang in there mama.