Thursday, September 22, 2011

Change of Plans

It seems as if Wednesdays are meant to be spent with Miss Amanda, Soso, and Dyson at the Little Dipper pool. We got there yesterday at ten, our usual meeting time, and the guy told us it was closed. What?! They can't be closed because we've already gotten our kids in their swim suits, their hopes up, coolers packed with a million snacks, and I've already gotten myself excited about my kids playing with friends and having some time to catch up with one of my best friends. BUT it was closed!

Plan B... The splash pad! It felt like a fail at first because Ryder refused to go play. He's having a little bit of separation anxiety these days. In the end though they had such a great time. We brought a big bag of monster trucks which were the hit of the splash pad. About ten kids were playing with them. We put the babies in their Bumbo seats in front of a little fountain. They were so cute how excited their little faces got when they saw it. I know they won't be sitting in these seats for too long. We are enjoying our immobile days very much while they still last... because this time we know what's coming!!

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