Saturday, September 3, 2011

Turning Three - The Birthday

Sorry for the delay of birthday festivities on the blog. We have been enjoying having Derrik home, getting readjusted, and figuring out life. We still don't have it figured out, but I figured I had some time to blog :)

Ryder had an amazing 3rd birthday. I get way more excited for his birthday now-a-days then I do my own. It is so much fun watching him get so excited.

We started the morning off with some balloons and birthday donuts.

Any excuse to sing happy birthday we take advantage of because he loves it!

Taking his link off of his countdown to Daddy chain.

Little did we know just how soon he would be home :(

I tried to get a shot of the boys together before we headed out for some birthday festivities...

At least they were both looking

Love that smile!

Grammy and I took Ryder back to the little dipper pool for his birthday.

He loves this place!!!

Sophia, Dyson, and Miss Amanda came to hang out with the birthday boy too!

This was the best I could get though

Then it was back home to celebrate...

Check out all these birthday presents!!

Thanks to everyone who sent gifts :) he really appreciated it

(Thank you cards will be on their way as soon as all this job searching is over)

I loveeee when Mimi walks through the door and relieves me from baby duty :)

The birthday cupcakes Ryder and I made together earlier in the day

First sight of his lit candles and everyone singing

Checking out the big candles!!

Clapping to happy birthday

He made us sing this too him multiple times!!

He opened presents like a pro!!

Ryder had an amazing birthday! Luckily he had lots of presents to distract him from mommy's tears when she got the text that Daddy had been released moments after we finished opening. I love his innocence at this age that he can come give me a kiss and say "it's ok Mommy" and then continue to play. I hope birthdays always stay this fun for him! Lots more pictures from the party coming soon!


~Rachel said...

We have been praying for you all! I just know it will all work out in God's time.
Love his birthday doughnut! My kids love that for their birthday treat!

Tricia said...

Awwww... Looks like he had a great time!!! Happy Birthday, big guy!!!!