Saturday, September 24, 2011

What's Going On...

Well i've been questioned a lot about where we are at in life these days. Life is "settled" right now. We have all our stuff in one place, Ryder's enrolled in school, t-ball starts soon, we get to eat dinner together, we have friends and family around... it feels good!!

The last month of job searching was rough! I knew the job market was bad, I know you hear about unemployment in the news every single day, but I was not prepared for the fact that there were NO jobs! I thought there just weren't good jobs. I didn't realize you couldn't get a job A-N-Y-W-H-E-R-E!!! We have finally had quite a few things come together it seems all at once. Derrik is officiating at the freshman, junior varsity, and varsity level football teams down in Collier county (for those out of Florida... we live in Lee county and Collier is just south of us). They have some kind of crazy drama going on right now between two groups. Luckily for us it meant there was a need for officials and that's how he ended up down there. Derrik LOVES it and is doing great. I love when he comes home excited about a job. He also just found out yesterday he got a full time job working at a golf course he worked at back in 2006 when we were dating. This is such a blessing because it's early mornings until early afternoons which still allows him to do officiating. Before we heard about that job he also had got hired doing valet at a local casino. They want him late nights (after officiating) Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. I don't think that one is 100% official yet, but sounded like it would be soon. He is also taking on a project selling for my dad in his spare time. We are beyond thankful that he has found jobs for us to get by right now while we still try to look at the big picture of what we are doing. We have been talking lots about what we are looking for in the long run and are very open to quite a few options right now. We'll keep some that part private for now though :)

The boys are great. As I said in Landon's post he is happy as can be and growing perfectly. We love him to pieces. Ryder is doing amazing in school. He is learning so much. He comes home every day counting better, singing the days of the week and the months of the year. He says a different prayer at meals sometimes which they must say at school. He is also starting to color pretty well inside the lines. The other day he asked me if we could see the "LMNOP song"... too funny! He's doing great on his ABC's now. They do a different letter every week at school. He tells us stories about school which sometimes I think are so fake, but i'll find out later are true. He talks about Ally (my sisters name), Chloe (our dogs name), and Bella (my parent's dog's name), and go figure there is an Ally, Chloe, and Bella in his class! He even pointed Bella and Chloe out to us at Chuck E Cheese the other day. He refers to Ally at school as "Little Ally".

We have really struggled lately with separation anxiety with Ryder. I was questioning whether to pull him out of school since he is still so young, but his teacher and some friends really encouraged that we should keep him in. They say that he settles down pretty quick and is fine in school. The only time he gets upset is when he's on the play ground. Apparently he is the most popular kid on the play ground. His teacher said he has at least one to two kids coming up to say hi to him when they are out there. He gets upset when they leave. Ryder might be the most popular boy in the Fort Myers Christian School middle school.... the girls are gaga over him. He's even got a few girlfriends in the elementary school too haha. We've told the girls to make sure they don't say hi anymore unless he sees them first. A friend made a good point the other day. In the last five months Ryder has gotten a new brother, had his dad leave for two and a half months, moved across the country into a new home, and started school. I guess a little separation anxiety is to be expected. We love him and will work through it :)

And the last thing we have going on around here... Derrik and I leave Monday morning for a four day cruise for our four year anniversary! He surprised me with it, and I could not be more excited. Seems odd to go with no jobs, but we haven't had a chance for a vacation in two and a half years because of Derrik's rehabs. We can not wait to go relax, not worry about jobs, moving, baseball, or even kids... although we will miss them terribly! For the next four days we will just relax, and be ready to start on our new adventures of jobs when we get back :) Happy Anniversary to us!!!

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