Friday, October 7, 2011

The Last Two Weeks

What a whirlwind two weeks we have just had! I guess i'll start at the beginning. The cruise was amazing!! It honestly feels like it was an eternity ago already. I had a hard time leaving the boys at first. Not that I was worried at all about them being with my mom, but just the idea of leaving them "just because". I had only left Ryder before (except when he was five months) for Derrik's surgeries and moves. I kind of felt guilty just ditching them like that. It took about one night to get over it, and I truly enjoyed four uninterrupted days with Derrik. It was such an amazing time together! We didn't take too many pictures, but I found a few.

The day we left sending Ryder a picture to say bye

Ahhh.. Just what this Mommy and Daddy needed!
In Freeport, Bahamas
a lot of the pictures are just close ups of us because we had to take our own picture.

Love the local island drinks

Heading to NCL's private island
I wouldn't mind spending every Wednesday floating here :)

The Atlantis in Nassau, Bahamas

We were here on our anniversary 9/29

We won $100 play 9 and 29 on roulette within like three spins of each other in their casino

Our ship the Norwegian Sky

A night out on our anniversary

Happy 4 years to us

Lovedddd getting home to this sweetie pie!

Ryder and Soso at the Noah's Arc performance at the church Ryder goes to school at.

They were so cute in their pink together.

He thinks eating with his foot up is the only way to go these days

ahh... love him

Practicing in the cool weather Sunday morning

Daddy teaching Ryder how to put his glove on

At his first practice... Doesn't he look like such a little baseball player?!

Making a play throwing it to home

Daddy teaching Ryder how to stand while waiting for the ball to get hit.

Ryder was telling Daddy how he's going to get the ball when it's high in the sky

Getting ready for his first at-bat

Daddy giving him a pep talk....

Unfortunately Ryder swung a little too quick during his at-bat, and hit the coach before he could get out of the way. This resulted in tears and boycotting the rest of practice. Tomorrow is his first game, and I am very anxious to see if Ryder will be a player or spectator during it!

Funny story... I had told Ryder when he wouldn't go back out to practice that we were going to have to return all of his baseball stuff to the store. Once we had gotten to the car after practice we tried to forget missing half the practice and really focus on the positive. We had told him what a great job he did, and talked about how excited we were for his game on Saturday. We thought we were back on track with this baseball thing until we pulled into our neighborhood, and Ryder says, "Mommy we forgot to go to the store". I said, "Ryder Grammy is cooking dinner we don't need to go to the store." He responded, "No Mommy, we have to go return my baseball stuff remember?".... This child really gives me a run for my money!

Our last battle in this "getting settled" phase of our life was getting Derrik a car since we had sold his BMW before we left Arizona instead of shipping it out here. We have gone back and forth on so many options over the last month and finally made our final decision today. We made an amazing 2 for 1 deal. We traded in the SUV and got these two beauties for less then the SUV was each month! Buying cars always makes me nervous whether it's the right decision, but we really like these cars. We ended up with the same car in two different colors because the deal was amazing, and well... we both liked it!

And last, but not least. While we were waiting on Daddy to sign his life away on the cars today this little guy officially joined the "roller" group. He still doesn't roll from his belly to back, but started rolling from his back to belly over and over and over again today. Not sure if i'm a fan, but I guess I can't keep him little forever.

Pray the rain stays away for Ryder's t-ball game tomorrow, and that he plays!!!

Have a great weekend :)

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