Monday, October 17, 2011

Pumpkin Painting, Sippy Cups, and The Exersaucer

Ryder has been overly excited about pumpkins being out. I knew we weren't going to be getting our official pumpkins anytime soon so I let him get one at the grocery store a couple weeks ago. Last week he was bored out of his mind so I let him paint his pumpkin. We now have a half black pumpkin from all the mixed paints!

Our pediatrician recommended some water for Landon. I never gave any to Ryder, but figured i'd put some in a sippy cup and let Landon start figuring out how these things work. I don't think any water actually went in his mouth, but he had fun playing with the cup.

And... some more just because he's cute. Landon spends lots of time in his exersaucer just like his big brother use to.

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