Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Landon Brennan is 6 Months Old!

10/25/11 - Once again... another monthly post typed out and lost... the internet in this house is going to be the end of me... or this blog! Grrr... My attempt to re-type begins...

10/26/11 - I started typing yesterday and had the saddest crankiest baby. He went to sleep in my arms which he typically refuses to do. I don't know whether to write it off as teething or many just a belly ache, but he was SAD! Hopefully I get to hit the post button today :)

Onto the regularly scheduled post!

Landon Brennan... six months! Wow!!! Please please please don't stop being my baby in the next six months. PLEASE don't grow up! I loveeee having a baby in my life. Daddy and I only want two little boys in our life so we need you to stay tiny f-o-r-e-v-e-r!!

With that being said let's talk about all the growing up you did this last month. You are getting to be so much fun. I feel like you are really becoming a member of the family. You really are startign to interact with us, and show such a great personality. You are still my easy child, and I so hope you stay that way! It's not a competition with your brother :)

size three diaper

9-12 month onesies

12-18 month one piece outfits

12 month jammies

12 month t-shirts

6-9 month shorts and jeans

Stage 2 solids

5 1/2 oz and 6 oz bottles

5 1/2 is the max I can put into your tiny 4 oz bottles. We do this because you can hold it on your own and don't really always finished your 6 oz ones anyhow

You have yet to refuse any of the stage two foods, and eat the ones that have the green veggies mixed in. Maybe that don't taste as bad that way :)

You have a bottle when you wake up, fruit and cereal, nap, bottle, fruit/veggie for lunch, bottle, nap, bottle, veggie and cereal, bottle, bed

I gave you mashed potatoes this month, and you did ok. I think anything pureed like that you will do fine with, but aren't ready for anything with consistency to it. We tried letting you use one of those teething cookies, but you just threw it. I know these foods are right around the corner for us though!


It's not as perfect as i've reported so often in the previous months, but still something most moms would rave about. You wake up some nights once or twice a night and need your pacifier to go back to sleep. I blame this on two things. The first would be your Daddy's late nights getting home from work, his 5 am alarm clock, and Ryder's screaming through the baby monitor on his rough nights. The second would be all that rolling around you do now. You're all over the place and seem to be waking yourself up. You sleep on both sides, your back, and your belly. You don't seem to prefer any position. I guess it is wherever you just doze off.

You generally wake between 7 and 8. You don't need to be picked up right away and usually stay in there very content for around an hour. You take your first nap around 10ish, but I can't figure you out after that. You go to bed at 7:30 pretty easy every night, but between noon-ish until seven is hard to find a nap that is working for us. You tend to crash a little after five which makes me have to wake you up so you'll be in bed on time. Usually i'll come up with a reason to leave the house so you'll go to sleep in the car.

The Other Fun Stuff:

Rolling: You don't roll like some babies and make it all the way across the room, but you do your fair share of it. You instantly roll anytime I want to change your clothes and diaper that's for sure.

Big Boy Toys: The high chairs out to eat, the sitting up bath seat, and riding in the front of the cart while shopping all on your own, and the swing at the park. We don't do any of these full time yet, but you do like all of them. We have to do the big boy bath seat when we are taking long fun baths because you pull yourself off the baby one, but I still use that one when we are goign for a quick bath because it's easier. I also don't use high chairs while out full time yet because you are much easier to feed when reclined in your car seat. I have a feeling we will be using all of these full time come next month.

Bubby: That is your new name according to Ryder, and I think a lot of us call you that now too. I love it! My brother was always bubby to me and still is. The relationship between you two now is amazing!! Ryder truly just ignored you and could care less the first 4-5ish months. Now he looks for you, asks about you, protects you, and does anything he can to make you laugh. Honestly he's the only one who who almost always get a good belly laugh out of you. When you are cranky he is the only one who can really make you happy.

We had to put you in the middle of the back seat last week when Sophia was in the car with us, and you have yet to get moved back. You and Ryder love being right next to each other in the car. I think you have your best moments together in that back seat. You guys are so great together. I truly get why people love having more then one kid now. You two are our world :)

Things you love to do: You love to grab peoples faces/hair and go in wide mouthed for kisses. It is pretty much unavoidable and a very wet process! You also loveee the wipes bag. Reading Ryder's six month post he did both of these things then too. Your favorite places to be are still you high chair with lots of toys to throw around and your exersaucer. You are still pretty calm in the exersaucer as far as rocking it and stuff. I'm beginning to think that maybe you are just a mellow baby... i'll take it!

Your hair: It's amazing! You have the most perfect baby hair. I get comments on it from people every time we are out. It makes the most pefect little baby mowhawk. It's funny because your big brother happens to be sporting one right now too. I hope it stays this way for a while because it's the perfect little accessory for your outfits since we can't do bows because your a boy and all :) I put some gel in it the other day for fun and it was very adorable!

Landon... You in general are very easy, very happy, and bring a smile to our face every day. I love having a baby in our family, but also love watching you grow. Here's to many more milestones and mini-birthdays :)


Liz said...

How adorable is he?!?! I cannot believe Landon is already six months, that just seems so crazy to me!! Happy 6 months!

~Rachel said...

So SO Cute!! I love the stage he is in!!!