Saturday, October 8, 2011

Game Day

Today was definitely a success! Ryder spent all morning telling us he didn't want to go to t-ball. We headed out a little early so we could get him comfortable on the field and practice with him a little about running the bases. We knew the more comfortable he was out there the better the chance we had of him playing. Slowly but surely the rest of the team and coaches arrived, and Ryder got shyer and shyer. The coaches were great and tried to talk to him, but he was glued to Derrik. We assured Ryder that Daddy would stay with him every step of the way today. Within time hopefully he will go out there on his own, but it's just not happening right now. I know lots of parents have different opinions on that, but i'd much rather him be out there playing with Derrik by his side then sitting on the sidelines not participating like another kid on the team.

Ryder got more and more comfortbale as the game went on, he let Derrik start to back away a little, warmed up to the coaches, and even told Derrik "we are making friends Daddy". He had the biggest smile on his face the whole time! I hate that he gets nervous and anxious around unfamiliar people... totally from my side of the family. I was the same way growing up. We'll just learn to deal with it :)

Lots of pictures.... I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Sittign with his teammates waiting for his at bat

His first at bat... Love his facial expression

I love watching all the kids running after each ball.

Got one!

Waiting to run home... so excited

I just love this of the two of them. They were waiting after his at bat for the rest of the team to bat.

By his third at bat he let the coach put the ball on the tee. The coach was so great letting Ryder warm up to him. Ryder was really upset after he hit the coach on Monday with the bat.

He told us he was "really fast"

Little brother was totally into the game... lol

Todays game was a lot of fun, and I loved watching Derrik and Ryder get to go out there and do it together. Hopefully their team t-shirts are in for next weeks game... go Team Orange. We'll be out there every Monday for practice and Saturday for games until the first week in December. I'm sure there will be lots more pictures :)

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