Friday, October 21, 2011

The Pumpkin Patch

The pumpkin patch... AKA the church parking lot... such a fun time! I hope you could hear my sarcasm in that sentence. If you didn't then know there was A LOT of it! I build it up to be way more fun then it is every-single-year... considering we have lived in Arizona the last two Halloween's and Florida this year you can pretty much be guaranteed it'll be hot. Of course it's a "cool" day here in Florida so I thought we might catch a nice breeze and enjoy ourselves, but of course it felt like about 100 while we were picking our pumpkins out. Add in a cranky husband who is working 65+ hours a week, a toddler who is cranky just because it's a hobby of his, and an almost 6 month old who can sit now, but is more interested in playing with the stuff on the ground then looking up at the camera, and you have some pretty lousy models!!! Of course I put the boys in coordinating outfits, myself in one that matched as well, and brought Derrik a change of clothes "just in case" everyone wanted to attempt that perfect family photo. HAHA I live in a dream world. I snapped what I could, but I sure wish my boys understood my love of pumpkins, cute boys, and photography... there is no appreciation though so I had to snap what I could as fast as I could, and I didn't come away with much :(

Landon trying to get some of the grass

My boys going to get a wagon for our pumpkins we picked

(like Derrik's work clothes... nice)

Love him...

Gosh he's so cute... ok he still models pretty decent :)

Pulling bubby in the wagon

The best picture this guy was willing to give me

AND.... My amazing picture of my two boys... HAHA
I asked Ryder to put his arm around his brother. Clearly he doesn't understand what looks nice in pictures. And I LOVEEEE the big green mini van in the background. That is because when we were getting ready to load into the car I realized we were finally in the shade and attempted one last attempt with a "Ryder if you take a nice picture with your brother i'll take you for ice cream".... FAIL... And of course I still had to go get ice cream because he did try.

Thanks boys for an amazing day at the pumpkin patch :)

I love them... even if they don't share the same love for pictures as I do

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~Rachel said...

I swear it gets better..then worse again...then better hopefully? Pictures have been a tough thing these days! I have hardly any of Jackson. They just don't know why I would want to take pictures.
I like the headlock pose of the boys together. It's fabulous! :)