Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Party 2011

It's Party Time!!!

My sisters had a bunch of their middle school friends over for a Halloween party last night.

I know a certain 3 year old who had the time of his life!
Posing for Mommy before the party

My little Woody's

(for those not familiar Woody is the cowboy from the Disney Toy Story movies)

I love my little cowboys

Posing with their Aunties

My boys best friends came over to play too!

Mickey and Woody were more intersted in each other then looking at the camera.

Here are a few of the shots we did get though...

Woody and Belle getting help making Mummy hotdogs with Auntie Ally

Only our little babies pose with us these days

My littliest Woody... I could just eat him up!

Our besties :)

With my two boys :)

Ryder with his Mummy wrapping team

Woody and Belle's turn to get wrapped like mummies

True Love right here :)

Breaking free

Watching another game together

Judging the bobbing for apples contest

Some of the girls doing the donut on the string contest

Ryder blowing the whistle to start the game

He seriously just loves all these girls and the attention they give him

Caught him in the act stealing a cupcake..

He even peels the wrapper himself these days!

What's a little more sugar going to hurt?!

Time for the gummy worm contest. There were lots of gummy worms in a tin with whipped cream on top. You had to keep your hands behind your back and see who can eat all of theirs first....

He just loved getting to play with the big girls all night. He says his favorite part was the bobbing for apples and the donuts on a string, but I think it was the dance party they had at the end. I'll try to get a video up later! It's so cute!!

We are very excited for Trick-or-Treating tomorrow!!

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Connor & Mama said...

The party looked so fun! And your Woodies are the cutest ever! I love Ryder's pose with his hand on his hip like he's one tough cowboy! :)Have a great time trick or treating!!


P.S. I have Saturdays back with my munchkin, so if you ever wanna play on the weekend, let me know!