Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hunsader Farms

Fall makes my heart happy... Pumpkin pictures make my heart happy... Time with my family makes my heart happy... Time with my friends and their little ones make my heart happy... Lots of pictures of cute little kids makes my heart happy... I got all of that today... It was a good day :)

Ryder and Sophia checking out the goats with Auntie Ally

These two are getting bigger and cuter every day
Auntie Hailey and two of her best friends Emily and Mady

Ryder driving on the train

Attempting the short corn maze... you can't get lost in this one!

Words can't express my love for this dark haired-blue eyed little guy

Miss Amanda and Dyson

Our Crew

I can't resist taking pictures of sleeping babies

He loved getting to ride a pony!

We were waiting in line for face painting, and Ryder just walked up and starting hugging Sophia. I love watching their friendship grow over the years.

Really.... I just can't resist

And... yeah he's shirtless... it was HOT!

Love her smile getting her face painted

Ryder was dozing off getting his face done

Seeing his aweome face paiting for the first time

My handsome guy

Getting so big and so much fun these days :)

Oh how times have changed since we were friends way back to our pre-teen days... I've never been more thankful for our friendship.

Amanda is always there to remind me i'm not the only one going through things with the kids :)

He sat here for a good ten minutes trying to eat the pumpkins and hay

Baby Dyson

Miss Soso

The best my boys were willing to offer...

We will try again at the local one with Daddy :)

My sisters and their pumpkins

And... it's time to call it a day...

Happy Fall Y'all.... Many more fall photos to come over the next couple weeks.

I love this time of year with my babies :)


~Rachel said...

That place looks awesome! You'll have to tell me where it is for next year!!!
How fun!!

Connor & Mama said...

Looks like so much fun! I love the pictures & how festive everyone was dressed :)